99 terms

Rock to Bach Test 1

Garwell TCU
call and response
ray charles 1959 - "what'd i say" technique
the definition of music is ...
grouping of beats or measure
strong-weak bar
strong-weak-weak bar
cohesive pattern of musical though, described in terms of groups of bars
weak cadence
music wants to continue
strong cadence
music wants to stop
bourgeois blues
12-bar blues, phrase is 4-bars long, 2 weak cadence followed by a strong cadence
musical terms
pitch, duration (time), loudness (dynamics), tone quality (timbre)
scientific terms
frequency, duration, intensity, waveform
horizontal pitch organization, created by consecutive pitches
distance between 2 notes
special interval in which the upper pitch duplicates the lower pitch
fills in notes within an octave, the way you fill in the octave define the type
major scale
minor scale
C D Eb F G Ab Bb C
whole tone
C D E F# G# A# C
C# D# F# G# A#
major minor
rock predominantly uses ____ and ____ scales
basically move by steps
basically move by skips
vertical pitch organization, created by simultaneous pitches
3+ pitches played
chord progression
movement from one chord to the next, creates harmony
the I chord
the IV chord
the V chord
time, the materials, building blocks of rhythm, pulses, bars, rhythmic patter
intensity or dynamics
tone quality, brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion, keyboards, voice
thick vs. thin, monophone, homophonic, polyphonic
one line, melody only
melody + chords
many melodies, all independent and equal
forward energy
musical motion, of style or genre is created by its melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, texture, and how they change
shape/structure of the music, generally designated by letters to signify similar or different phrases, AAAA, AABB, ABCBA
intellectual emotional sexual dance/movement
IESD/M appeal factors
tin pan alley
flourished from the 1890s-1950s, faded with the rise of rock and roll, street in NYC, home of popular music industry
tin pan alley song
verse/chorus format, 32 bars with 4 equal phrases, form AABA
same melody and harmony but different lyrics
contrasting melody, harmony, and lyrics
the separate and distinct black experience, and the country and western experience
a song originating in one market and succeeding in another
shake rattle and roll
bill haley and the comets cover of joe turner's r&b song
rocket 88
1st recorded by ike turner and his band, released as jackie brenston and the delta cats
bill haley and the comets
1955 - rock around the clock, used as soundtrack for the blackboard jungle, failed when 1st released in 1954
king of rock and roll, hound dog, i want you i need you i love you
sun studios
sam phillips - elvis' producer, recording studio, "that's alright mama" 1st song, $3.98 to record, secretary suggested elvis
the team
colonel tom parker - promoter, RCA records
the sound
unique, raw, emotive, slurred vocal style, S in IESD/M
august 16 1977
the end of elvis, death of the las vegas elvis because of drugs and obesity
3 basic trends
mainstream rock, rockabilly, and soft rock
mainstream rock
emphasis on blues and r&b
emphasis on country and western
soft rock
emphasis on pop
roots of mainstream
blues (12 bar), r&b instrumental ensemble (electric guitar, piano, tenor sax, base/double base, drums), country (backbeat emphasis on weak beats), black gospel (vocal extravagants)
match box blues
blind lemon jefferson song, urban blues link to early rock and roll
mannish boy
song by muddy waters, chicago blues
12 bar blues defined
scale having the flatted blues notes, result mixing major and minor scales, possessing a melancholy soulful feeling, origins in the south (mississippi delta region)
the fathers
bill haley, little richard, antoine "fats" domino, chuck berry, jerry lee lewis
little richard
singer who credits unique vocals to gospel
antoine fats domino
singer who has legacy of good feeling, "blueberry hill"
chuck berry
father/poet of classic rock, "nadine"
jerry lee lewis
singer that had 2 personalities: onstage and offstage, inspired the movie "great balls of fire" with dennis quaid
roots of rockabilly
R&B the ensemble (electric guitar, piano, tenor sax, bass and drums), country (backbeat), the emphasis on on C&W songs
wake up little susie
everly brothers song, had 11 top hits, 4 of them at #1
travelin man
rick nelson song, also had 11 top hits
peggy sue
buddy holly and the crickets song, became background music for motion picture, from 1957-1959 had 9 top hits, thought he would be heir to elvis presley
roots of soft rock
pop music and the tin pan alley song form, lyric ballad and slow dance music
pat boone
songs include -- love letters in the sand, it's too soon to know, moody river, ain't that a shame
frankie avalon
songs include -- venus, dede dinah, bobby sox to stockings
neil sedaka
breaking up is hard to to, love will keep us together
frank sinatra famous quote on this issue in the 1958 congressional hearings, paying DJs to play songs on the radio, alan freed lost his career to this
ray charles
first man of soul (1930-2004); says soul is a mixture of elements - r&b, gospel, jazz, pop, country; enormous discography
james brown
godfather of soul
i've got a woman
gospel song, added secular lyrics, presented in an r&b-jazz-gospel format
essence of ray charles
versatile, conquered a genre then moved on
ray charles songs
a fool for you, don't let me catch you crying, sticks and stones, i've got news for you, together again
modern sounds in country and western music
ray charles album, #1 on billboard charts for 14 weeks, top 40 for 59 weeks, best selling album
life of ray charles
born in 1939 in albany, ga; lost his eyesight at 7 years old to childhood glaucoma, knew the piano, went to florida school for blind children, studied classical musical by braille, changed his name, introduced to heroin and addicted for 17 years, busted lead to a year of not performing
the kingston trio
tom dooley-1958, #1 on billboard charts, beginning of the folk song revival in the U.S.
stupid cupid
connie francis song, AABA form, TPA song form, 32 bar song
barbry allen
pete seeger song, AAAA form (strophic)
harry belafonte
songwriter of day-o, brought calypso to folk music, it was the carnival music of trinidad, born 3 years earlier than ray charles, jamaican mom took him back, returned to the U.S. for high school, dropout to go to the navy, 1st album calypso topped charts for 31 weeks
surfing music
characteristics: electric instruments, cutting edge of technology, fun loving topics, indifferent to social issues
folk music
characteristics: acoustic instruments, simple recording techniques, heavy topics, involved with social action
the beach boys
brian wilson - musical & technical leader, brothers carl and dennis, cousin mike love, friend al jardine

had 2 phases
1. surfin USA, little deuce coupe, sloop john b
2. good vibrations
good vibrations
most advanced musical and technical rock song up to late 1966, changes in tempo, beat, timbre, and texture, and use of the electronic instrument the theremin in characterize the song, 90 hours of studio time, $50,000 in production costs
chubby checker
started the dance craze, "the twist" "let's twist again" "twist it up" "pony time" " the fly" " limbo rock"
the beatles
saviors of rock and roll
crazy blues
mamie smith and her jazz hounds song 1920
great speckled bird
roy acuff song 1936
Tutti Frutti
little richard song
great balls of fire
jerry lee lewis song
blue velvet
bobby vinton song 1953
hey little cobra
the rip chord song 1963
which side are you on
pete seeger song 1967