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  1. Intrinsic
  2. Oblique
  3. Medulla Oblongata
  4. Parallel
  5. Brain Protection
  1. a center for automatic control of respiration & heart rate(CNS)
  2. b 3 levels: skull meninges, cerebral spinal fluid
  3. c fibers in parallel fashion
  4. d fibers at an angle to one another
  5. e muscles within or belonging solely to the body part on which they act

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  1. long central tendon with fibers which extend diagonally on either side of the tendon (oblique)
  2. anterior 1 degree rami of the 1st 4 cervical nerves
    -supplies the anterior neck muscles, diaphragm
    -most important nerver is the phrenic nerve
    -supplies sensation: above & behind ears, anterior neck, chest & shoulders
  3. groups of muscles innervated by a single segment (PNS)
  4. Superficial, Lateral, Cross more than 1 joint, mobility, more type 2 fibers, parallel fibers
  5. gamma motor neurons; cause muscle spindle to contract when stimulated

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  1. Stabilizermuscle(s) that support a part and allows the agonist to work efficiently AKA fixator


  2. Synapsetransmission of impulse from 1 neuron to another


  3. Originfatty sheath that surrounds inner part of axon
    -increases speed of impulse


  4. Upper Moter Neurons(syanpse in anterior horn just prior to leaving spinal cord)
    -motors neurons that synapse above this level


  5. Unmyelinated Fibersgray matter, cerebral cortex, central part of spinal cord


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