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  1. Myelinated fibers
  2. Tension
  3. Origin
  4. Tract
  5. Upper Neuron Lesions (SIGNS)
  1. a force built up within a muscle
    -can contract 1/2 its length
  2. b where muscles startt
  3. c white matter, major tracts of spinal cord
  4. d groups of mylenated nerve fibers within the CNS that carries specific info from 1 area to another
  5. e paralysis spasticity, atrophy-not significant, hyper reflexes

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  1. distal end of extremity is fixed to a surface
  2. significance of injury beyond anterior horn of spinal cord
    Example: muscular dystrophy & peripheral nervous injury
  3. slow twitch, red in colorm dense with capillaries, slow rate of contraction, slow in fatiguing, maintains stability, tonic, built for endurance
  4. center for visual reflexes & pons(CNS)
  5. fibers in parallel fashion

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  1. Ramibranches of spinal nerves-when nerve is outside of the spinal cord, nerve branch called rami


  2. Upper Motor Neuron Lesionssignificance of injury in the brain to the spinal cord
    Examples: spinal cord injuries, MS, Parkinsons, CVA, head injuries(tbi)


  3. Synapsetransmission of impulse from 1 neuron to another


  4. Medulla Oblongatadura mater, arachoid, pia mater


  5. CNStransmission of impulse from 1 neuron to another