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  1. Contractility
  2. Lower Neuron Lesions (SIGNS)
  3. Muscle Spindle
  4. Posterior Horn
  5. CNS
  1. a gray matter, butterfly shaped, transmits-sensory
  2. b brain, entire spinal cord except anterior horn
    Ex. Think of it like a powerplant
  3. c receptor in muscle tissue that monitors changes in the length of a muscle -located between muscle fibers
  4. d ability to contract and produce tension
  5. e paralysis flaccid, atrophy-marked, hypo reflexesPeripheral

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  1. ability to return to normal length after stretching or shortening is applied
  2. distance from maximum elongation to maximum shortenting
  3. an exercise where the speed is constant and the load will accommodate; pain facter, middle of range, strength
  4. fiber branches that receive impulses from other parts of nervous system & brings them back to nerve cell
  5. excitation, coupling, contaction

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  1. What are the 3 parts?Central Nervous System(CNS), Peripheral Nervous System(PNS), Autonomic Nervous System(ANS)


  2. Upper Motor Neuron Lesionsparalysis spasticity, atrophy-not significant, hyper reflexes


  3. Cerebrumfuctions for control of muscle coordination, tone, and posture (CNS)


  4. Upper Moter Neuronstransmits-motor


  5. Cervical Plexusanterior 1 degree rami of the 1st 4 cervical nerves
    -supplies the anterior neck muscles, diaphragm
    -most important nerver is the phrenic nerve
    -supplies sensation: above & behind ears, anterior neck, chest & shoulders