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  1. Dermatomes
  2. Stabilizer
  3. Open Chain
  4. Multipennate
  5. Golgi Tendon Organs
  1. a distal end of extremity is not fixed to a surface
  2. b muscle(s) that support a part and allows the agonist to work efficiently AKA fixator
  3. c sensory fibers of a spinal nerve (PNS)
  4. d muscle fibers running diagonally between several tendons (oblique)
  5. e When a muscle is shortened to its maximum, the GTO sends signal to the nervous system to inhibit(stop) muscle contraction. Result: muscle relaxes

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  1. Deeper, medial, cross one joint, stability, more type 1 fibers, penniform fibers
  2. muscle contraction resulting in no movement of the body part or load
  3. middle layer
  4. diminished ability of a muscle to produce active tension
  5. the interplay of the bones, joints and musculature of the shoulder complex to produce flex or abd of the UE

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  1. Spurt Muscle(Type 2) proximal attachment is farther from the joint than distal attachment, has large ROM, rotary


  2. Posterior Horngray matter, butterfly shaped, transmits-sensory


  3. Parallelgroups of mylenated nerve fibers within the CNS that carries specific info from 1 area to another


  4. Elasticityability to respond to a stimulus


  5. Levera rigid bar that can rotate about a fixed point when a force is applied to overcome resistance