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  1. Contractility
  2. Lower Moter Neuron Lesion
  3. Dorsal Root
  4. Synergist
  5. Extrinsic
  1. a a muscle that works with another muscle to enhance a particular motion
  2. b ability to contract and produce tension
  3. c spinal nerve attached to spinal cord
  4. d significance of injury beyond anterior horn of spinal cord
    Example: muscular dystrophy & peripheral nervous injury
  5. e muscles that arise or orginate outside of the body part on which they act

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  1. transmission of impulse from 1 neuron to another
  2. functional unit
  3. brain, entire spinal cord except anterior horn
    Ex. Think of it like a powerplant
  4. thickest, outer layer
  5. white matter, major tracts of spinal cord

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  1. Force CouplesDeeper, medial, cross one joint, stability, more type 1 fibers, penniform fibers


  2. Unipennateseries of short, parallel featherlike fibers extending diagonally from the side of a long tendon (oblique)


  3. Longitudinallong, strap-like (parallel)


  4. Intrinsican exercise where the speed is constant and the load will accommodate; pain facter, middle of range, strength


  5. Cardiac MuscleSuperficial, Lateral, Cross more than 1 joint, mobility, more type 2 fibers, parallel fibers