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  1. Oblique
  2. Quadrilateral
  3. Isotonic
  4. Golgi Tendon Organs
  5. Excursion of a muscle
  1. a distance from maximum elongation to maximum shortenting
  2. b When a muscle is shortened to its maximum, the GTO sends signal to the nervous system to inhibit(stop) muscle contraction. Result: muscle relaxes
  3. c muscle contraction with a constant load, variable speed that causes movement of the body part
  4. d fibers at an angle to one another
  5. e four-sided, usually flat, parallel fibers

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  1. anterior 1 degree rami of the 1st 4 cervical nerves
    -supplies the anterior neck muscles, diaphragm
    -most important nerver is the phrenic nerve
    -supplies sensation: above & behind ears, anterior neck, chest & shoulders
  2. occurs in sheets around hollow viscera -digestive tract, walls of blood vessels: Role: movement of material along digestive tract, urinary bladder, uterus
  3. sensory fibers of a spinal nerve (PNS)
  4. transmit forces generated by the muscle to the bone which the muscle is attached
  5. branches of spinal nerves-when nerve is outside of the spinal cord, nerve branch called rami

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  1. Isometricmuscle lengthen; muscle attachments mover farther apart; movement occurs with gravity


  2. Epimysiuma fixed poing about which the lever rotates


  3. Phasic MusclesSuperficial, Lateral, Cross more than 1 joint, mobility, more type 2 fibers, parallel fibers


  4. Synapsegroups of muscles innervated by a single segment (PNS)


  5. Agonistmuscle used that is responsible for producing a desired motion at a joint AKA prime mover


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