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  1. Lower Moter Neuron Lesion
  2. Elasticity
  3. Concentric
  4. Rami
  5. Motor Unit
  1. a branches of spinal nerves-when nerve is outside of the spinal cord, nerve branch called rami
  2. b significance of injury beyond anterior horn of spinal cord
    Example: muscular dystrophy & peripheral nervous injury
  3. c composed of a motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates
  4. d ability to return to normal length after stretching or shortening is applied
  5. e muscle shortens; muscle attachements move close together; if movement occuring with gravity, the muscle is overcoming a force greater than the pull of gravity

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  1. 12 pairs
    Trigeminal (V)
    Facial (VII)
    Spinal Accessory (XII)
  2. force built up within a muscle
    -can contract 1/2 its length
  3. functional unit
  4. ability to contract and produce tension
  5. Deeper, medial, cross one joint, stability, more type 1 fibers, penniform fibers

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  1. Levercaudal equina


  2. Myelinfatty sheath that surrounds inner part of axon
    -increases speed of impulse


  3. Stretch Reflexabrupt stretch of the muscle initiates a burst of activity from the muscle spindle that sends a signal cord that excites the motor neuron. The signal is sent back to the muscle to respond.


  4. Myelinated fibersgamma motor neurons; cause muscle spindle to contract when stimulated


  5. Isometricmuscle contraction resulting in no movement of the body part or load