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A software that allows you to perform useful functions and create results you can use in your personal or business life.
boot disk
Drive C: if ODS is installed on your hard drive, or it can be a bootable floppy.
bootstrap loader
A small program in the ROM BIOS and performs to read the first sector of the active partition into memory.
the minimum space that can be given to a file
cold boot
turn on the power switch of the pc
Conventional memory
only the first 640KB of address space to be RAM used as the workspace for the operating system and the application programes and data.
DOS prompt
Consists of, at minimum, the drive letter followed by a blinking cursor, indicating that the comand interpreter is open for business.
A special program that works with an OS to allow use of a particular piece of hardware.
Extended partition
Contains one or more logitcal drives(D:, E:, and so on), each of which can use a portion of the partition.
External command
A file stored on disk that contains instructions and has one of the following extensions: COM, EXE, or BAT.
FAT16 file system
The FAT file system that DOS uses on a hard disk. The numbers refer to the size of each entry in the FAT table.
FAT32 file system
The FAT file system that appeared in Windows 95 OEM Service Release version 2. It can use larger hard disk partitions and allocates disk space more efficiently.
File allocation table. The component that DOS uses to create a map of where your files reside on disk.
File attribute
Determine how DOS handles the file.
Internal command
These commands reside within COMMAND.COM and are not stored as separate files on disk.
Logical drive
A portion of a physical hard drive that appears to be a drive with a letter assigned to it.
Divide the command into its components.
An area of a physical hard disk that defines space to be used for file storage, which contains one or more logical drives.
Primary partition
Contains only one logical drive (C:), which used the entire space of the primary partition.
Root directory
The top-level directory, and the only one that the FORMAT command creates.
Run only one application program at a time.
Startup disk
A floppy disk that contains all DOS required files.
A set of rules for correctly entering a specific command at the command line.
Terminate and stay resident. DOS can have several drivers and small programs in memory at one time.
A program that allows you to perform handy tasks, usually computer management functions or diagnostics.
Warm boot
Use a key combination (CTRL+ALT+DELETE) to reboots DOS without a power-down and power-up cycle.