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Art History Chp. 7 Timeline

Seat of Roman Empire moves to Constantinople
331 A.D
Hagia Sophia, Constantinople
532 A.D-537 A.D
Mohammad, founder of Islam, born
570 A.D
Dome of the Rock, begun, Jerusalem
643 A.D
Lindisfarne Gospel, England
698 A.D-721 A.D
Easter eggs come into use
700 A.D
Gregarian chant music, England, France and Germany
750 A.D
Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Empire
800 A.D
Vikings discover Greenland
980 A.D
Spectacles invented
1286 A.D
the Alhambra palace, Spain
1354 A.D-1391 A.D
Constantinople conquered by Ottoman Turks
1453 A.D
Cathedral of St. Basil, Moscow
1554 A.D-1566 A.D
Japanese Empire founded
450 A.D