22 terms

Rubin- Sound chapt. 11

Sound waves are caused by
Your hearing can be damaged by
high-intensity sounds
The intensity of a sound is determined by its
Nina listens to an ambulance as it travels past her. The sound of the siren
decreases in pitch
The sound of your voice is produced by the
force of air making your vocal cords vibrate
Jorge wants to make the pitch of a sound wave lower. He should
decrease its frequency
Brian turns up the volume on his stereo. The stereo sends an electrical signal to the speakers. The signal changes the sound's
To raise the pitch of the sound caused by a sound wave,
increase the frequency of the sound
A sound wave has a frequency of 300 hertz. How many complete wavelengths of this wave pass a fixed point in one second?
Anna plays a note on a clarinet. Fred plays the same pitch on a violin. The two notes sound different. This is because the two notes have different
Sound becomes softer at a distance because the
energy of the sound wave is spread over a greater area, decreasing its intensity
A car's muffler and some kinds of acoustical tile make sounds softer by
absorbing energy from sound waves
Intense sounds can damage your hearing by
damaging the hair cells of the cochlea
A mechanical wave always transfers energy
through a medium
The frequency of a wave is measured in
Sound travels faster in materials that are
If you compare the sound of a motorcycle being driven toward you to the sound of the same one being driven away, you are hearing the
Doppler Effect
The bones of the middle ear
carry vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear
When you speak, your
vocal cords vibrate to produce sound
A sound wave transfers kinetic energy between particles by
compressing them
Sound waves can not travel through a
As the temperature of the medium increases, the speed of sound