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  1. a pot
  2. Translate: The boys will be
  3. a freezer
  4. How do you form the stem of verbs to make the future tense?
  5. parsley
  1. a you take the stem or IR, and ER verbs and that is the stem. With RE verbs, you drop the e.
  2. b les garçons seront
  3. c une casserole
  4. d
    du persil
  5. e un congélateur

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  1. ser
  2. hacher
  3. une poèle

  4. un poivron rouge

  5. Un oignon

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  1. a crabune poèle


  2. to cut into pieces
    couper en morceaux


  3. a mussel
    un champignon


  4. Translate: I have my jeans washed.Je fais laver mon jean.


  5. What is the future stem of avoir?aur