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Computer Hardware


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Video Card
A circuit board used to manage the display on the monitor.
Sound Card
A computer circuit board that allows a personal computer to receive sound in digital form and reproduce it through speakers.
Peripheral Devices
A computer device that is not part of the essential computer.
A device that forwards data packets along networks. It links a LAN (network) to an ISP network.
A device that is used to transmit data from a computer through phone lines or a cable.
Hard Drive
A device that permanently stores information in a computer.
CD ROM Drive
A device that writes data onto or reads data from a CD.
Floppy Drive
A disk drive that can read and write to floppy disks.
USB Port
A place on a computer where a USB cable is plugged.
Ink Jet Printer
A printer that works by spraying ionized ink at a sheet of paper.
Expansion Slots
A spot on the motherboard where you can plug in sound cards, video cards and more RAM.
Computers connected together in the same building.
Computers located far apart and connected by telephone lines or radio waves.
Programs that are used to direct a computer.
Power Supply
Provides electricity to turn on and operate your computer.
Refers to the type of broadband connection where information is sent to and from a computer through transmission towers without being physically connected.
The components making up a computer system.
The main circuit board of your computer. It is the most important part of your PC.
This is a computer and storage device that manages the network.
Laser Printer
This is a high-resolution printer for computer output that prints an image formed by a laser.
Web Cam
This is attached to a computer which captures your live movements at that present point in time.
This is the 'brain' of the computer. It is where the calculations take place.
Computer Fan
This is used to cool the CPU (processor).
What is the type of memory called where the computer temporarily keeps information you are working on?