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To win wrongful-death case, plainiff must prove


Submitting a dispute to person othen a judge is called


The only health professional who is not usually employed by the physician is the


A general libility policy that covers any negligence on the part of the physican's staff would include

A rider on the malpractice policy

When an employer lends an employee to someone else, this is called

borrowed servant doctrine

Protection for the physician/employer by the healthcare professional is best accomplished by

A) having a job description with clearly defined reponsilities, duties, and necessary skills
B) Carrying out only those procedures for which he or she is trained
C) Using extreme care when performing his or her job
D) all of the above

Performing a wrong and illegal act is considered


The legal relationship formed between two people when one person agrees to perform work for another person is

Law of agency

Res judicata means

The thing has been decided

Negligence is composed of four elements

duty,dereliction of duty, direct or proximate cause, and damages

Coverage of the insured party for all injuries and incidents that occurred while the policy was in effect, regardless of when they are reported, is

Occurrence insurance

The most common defense provided by the defendant in a case is called

denial defense

Assumption of risk is the legal defense

that prevents the plaintiff from recovering damages if he or she accepts a risk associated the activity

The thing speaks for itself applies to the law of negligence and is the doctrine of

Res ipsa loquitur

Professional misconduct or demonstration of an unreasonable lark of skill with the result of injury, loss or damage to the patient is


Data, such as birth and death dates, are used by the government to

determine population trends and needs

Evidence gathered in an abuse case may include

A)urine specimens
B)pictures of bruises or injuries
D)all of the above

Which of the following is not a repotable communicable disease?


The live birth certificate must be signed by the

B)physician who delivered the child
C)person in attendance in a home birth
D)B and C

Conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, and congenital disorders of the newborn are often reported to government agencies in order to

maintain accurate public health statics

Penalty for violation of the Controlled Substances Act is

A)a jail sentence
B)loss of license to practice medicine
C)a fine
D)all of the above

Elder abuse may legally include the following except

Verbal abuse

Deliberate concealment of the facts from a patient is


Failure to perform an action that a reasonable person would have committed in a similar situation is


To prove dereliction of duty, a patient would have to prove the physician

did not conform to the acceptable standard of care

The reasonable standard refers to the

duty of due care

DEA registration numbers are available to


A coroner or medical examiner must sign the death certificate of the deceased when

A)the death occurred when the deceased was in jail or prison
B)no physician was present at the time of death
C)a violent death occurred
D) all of the above

Responsibility for action in employment is ultimately assigned to the


The proper method of destroying a controlled substance that needs to be wasted is to

pour it down a drain or flush it down a toilet by two individuals

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