11 terms

Art Chapter 2

Who makes the judgement that determines if something is an artwork?
artists, dealers, collectors, art critics, museum directors, and art teacher
4 things philosophers of art are interest in
What art is, How art can be evaluated, How people respond to art, How art relates to our lives/societies
Human Intention
setting out to make an artwork
Aesthetic Experience
enjoying something for its own sake with your senses
Good design
logical and harmonious relationships among all the parts, usually uses principles of design
4 conditions of an artwork
good design, human intention, aesthetic experience, matter of judgment
4 steps of art criticism
description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation
stating the facts and talking about the elements of design
talking about the relationships in the artwork and how the elements are placed together to create movement
explaining the meaning of the artwork and what the artist is trying to express
judgment based on the other 3, be able to support it, depends on design quality, formalism, expressiveness, and originality