19 terms


What is ableism?
discrimination against disabled people. They are ignored because they are not able to do anything
what is heterosexism?
looking down on any sexual orientation but heterosexuals
what is sexual orientation?
romantic, sexual, or emotional attraction to men, female, or both
what is sexism?
believing that ones sex is superior than the other
what is mysogyny
hatred of women
What happens when a heterosexual couple live together for 7 years
they are assumed to be married
what is pornography
artistic value intended for sexual arousal
how is pornography educational?
artistic, scientific, educational
what determines normal vs. deviant?
social institutions
what do all institutions regulate and construct/
sexual identity
why were brothels started
to limit rape and sexual violence, to sustain sexual identity,
How was the overseas sex trade made safe?
ID cards passed out to prostitutes and weekly STD testing
How did the overseas sex trade make brothels more entertaining for soldiers
female boxing, wrestling, picking up coins with one's vagina
what kind of women were more desireable?
younger women (less than 20)
which type of women was expensive?
What did prostitutes do while on the job, to make it easier for themselves?
faked orgasms, convinced me to wear condoms, avoid deductions in payment, meet costumers off premises
what is discrimination
negatives actions against a minority group
what does sexual politics do to black women?
Putting black women down to diffuse and disrupt empowering erotic resources of African-American women
How were black women viewed in pornography
objects of display, breeders, rape/violence