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CAE Expert U4: Sentence transformations

CAE Sentence transformations

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is affected by environment is unclear
Scientists don't know to what extent environment affects our intelligence.
How far our intelligence _________ to scientists.
struck me that Jessica
Jessica is looking well these days, I suddenly thought.
It _________ is looking well these days.
to take care of makes
Some people are happy when they have a pet to look after.
Having a pet __________ some people very happy.
strong likelihood that the concert
It's highly likely that they will cancel the concert.
There's a _________ will be cancelled.
came as a complete surprise
We were incredibly surprised when we found the letter.
The discovery of the letter _________ to us.
he was prevented from playing
He didn't play in the game because he'd hurt his back.
As a result of his back injury ___________________ in the game.
you attend the meeting doesn't
You can come to the meeting or not - I don't really mind.
Whether or not __________ really matter to me.
take back what I said
I didn't mean all those things about your sister - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I ___________________ about your sister.
cut down on the amount
Nick said we should reduce the amount of salt in our food.
We ___________________ of salt in our food, according to Nick.