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  1. comfort zone
  2. proxemics
  3. adage
  4. language barrier
  5. ambiguous
  1. a a place in the mind where an individual feels safe and confident
  2. b any type of intererene that inhibits the communication process and is related to the languages spoken by the people attempting to communicate
  3. c the study of the nature, degree and efect f spacial seperation individuals naturally maintain
  4. d a saying, often in metaphric form,that embodies a common observation
  5. e capible of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways; unclear

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  1. reaction to an unfortunate outcome; a deep distress caused by bereavement, a loss or a percieved loss
  2. the study of the phenomena of death and psychologic methods of coping with death
  3. difficult to understandor percieve; having or marked by keen insight and ability t penatrate deeply or thouroughly
  4. being in agreement, harmony, or corespondence; conforming to the circumstances or requirments of the situation
  5. marked by sarcasm

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  1. perceptioncapacity for comprehension; an awarness of the elements of the enviroment


  2. encroachmentsactions that advance beyond the usual or proper limits


  3. aggressiveforceful or intended to dominate; hostile, injurious, or destructive, esspecailly when refering to behavior caused by frustration


  4. litigiousprone to engage in lawsuits


  5. vehemtlyin am anner marked by forceful energy; intensly emotionally