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  1. channels
  2. defense mechanisms
  3. litigious
  4. aggressive
  5. paraphrasing
  1. a means of communication or expression; courses or directions of thought
  2. b forceful or intended to dominate; hostile, injurious, or destructive, esspecailly when refering to behavior caused by frustration
  3. c psychologic methods of dealing with stressful situations that are encountered in everyday living
  4. d prone to engage in lawsuits
  5. e to express an idea in diferent wordingin an effort to enhance communication and clarify meaning

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  1. in am anner marked by forceful energy; intensly emotionally
  2. speaking evil or the calling of a curse
  3. actions that advance beyond the usual or proper limits
  4. the attribution of an event or occourance to causes outside the self
  5. capacity for comprehension; an awarness of the elements of the enviroment

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  1. internal noisefactors inside the brainthat interfere with the communication process


  2. thanatologythe study of the phenomena of death and psychologic methods of coping with death


  3. language barrierany type of intererene that inhibits the communication process and is related to the languages spoken by the people attempting to communicate


  4. encodesconverts from one system of communication to another; converts a message into code


  5. stereotypestimuli that causes stress


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