La description du visage

She has a long face
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He has black hairIl a les cheveux noirsHe has blonde hairIl a les cheveux blondsHe has red hairIl a les cheveux rouxShe has dirty blonde hairElle a les cheveux châtainShe has white hairElle a les cheveux blancsHe does not have hairil n'a pas de cheveuxHe has slim eyebrowsIl a les sourcils mincesShe has thick eyebrowsIl a les sourcils épaisShe has a straight noseElle a le nez droitHe has a pointy noseIl a le nez pointuShe has a large noseElle a le nez largeShe has a pug noseElle a le nez retrousséHe has a small noseIl a le nez petitHe has a prominent noseIl a le nez proéminentShe has slanted eyesElle a les yeux tombantsHe has bug eyesIl a les yeux globuleuxShe has almond eyesElle a les yeux en amandeShe has small eyesElle a de petits yeuxHe has big eyesIl a de grands yeuxShe cross-eyedElle loucheShe has thin lipsElle a les lèvres mincesHe has thick lipsIl a les lèvres épaissesShe has ears that stick-outElle a les oreilles décolléesHe has small earsIl a de petites oreillesShe has big earsElle a de grandes oreillesShe wears glassesElle porte des lunettesHe wears glassesIl porte des lunettesShe does not wear glassesElle ne porte pas de lunettesHe does not wear glassesIl ne porte pas de lunettesHe wears a beardIl porte une barbeShe wears a mustacheElle porte une moustacheHe does not wear a beardIl ne porte pas de barbeShe does not wear a moustacheElle ne porte pas de moustacheLes articles definis (= the)le, la, les, l'Les articles indefinis (not specific )un, une, des de/d'a, an, some,un, une, des, de/d'He has some hair and some lipsIl a des cheveux et des lèvresWhen it is non specific and plural it becomesdesWhen it is feminine, singular and non specific it becomesuneWhen it is masculine, singular and non specific it becomesunwhen it is negative the un, une and des always becomedeShe does not have a lip.Elle n'a pas de lèvreHe does not have a noseIl n'a pas de nezThey do not have any hair or lipsIls n'ont pas de cheveux ou de lèvresHe has big blue eyesIl a de grands yeux bleusblue eyesLes yeux bleusgray eyesles yeux grisblack eyesles yeux noirsbrown eyesles yeux marrongreen eyesles yeux vertsIf grands or petits is used it always comes before the body part (eyes)Ils ont de petits yeux noirs