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nonverbal communication

all messages that people exchange beyond the words themselves


the study of communication through the body and its movements


the study of how the face communicates


the study of the eyes as a receiver and conveyer of communication


the study of the movements of the body, such as gestures, that can give clues about a person's status, mood, cultural affiliations, and self-perceptions


cultural-specific nonverbal acts that have a direct verbal translation or dictionary definition consisting of one or two words (e.g., the Euro-American A-OK sign)


the study of the use of touch as communication

body synchrony

the study of posture and the way a person walks and stands as a means of communication


the study of those things that adorn the body and send messages to others about us as well as our selection of these items (e.g., clothing, jewelry, etc.)

physical characteristics

the study of what height, weight, and skin color communicate about an individual


the study of how people use and perceive their social and personal space


the study of how vocal quality (rate, volume, pitch, pause, and stress) communicate nonverbally to the listening ear


the study of time as a communication tool


the study of smell as a communicator


the study of communication of a message or mood through color or music


the study of how taste communicates

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