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(A) Taklimakan Desert
The vast desert in northwestern China that helped isolate the country from West Asia

(B) East China Sea
The body of water bounded by Japan, China, and Taiwan

(C) South China Sea
The body of water surrounded by the Asia mainland and Taiwan, the Philipines, and Borneo

(D) Mount Everest
The tallest peak in the Himalayan Mountains

(E)Tian Shan Mountain Range
The mountain range in western China that separates it from Takzhikistan, Kirgizia, and Zazakhstan

(F) Turfan Basin
The lowland region west of the Gobi Desert that is, at 505 ft. below sea level, China's lowest point


(G) Mekong River
The river that rises on the Tibetan Plateau and flows southeast to the South China Sea

(P) Sichuan Basin The basin in central China that is south of the Qin Ling Mountains (PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE)


(H) North China Plain
The plain upon which China's capital, Beijing, is located

(L) Yellow Sea
The body of water located between Korea and China

(M) Chang Jiang River
The river that flows from the plateau of Tibet across central and southern China to the East China Sea

(J) Plateau of Tibet
The plateau in the southwestern part of China that comprises approximately one fourth of the country

(K) Himalayan Mountains
The mountain range south of the Plateau of Tibet and extends 1,500 miles through six countries

(I) Huang He River
The river that begins in the Plateau of Tibet and runs across the farmlands of northeastern China

(N) Gobi Desert
The desert that extends 1,000 miles through Southeast Mongolia and North China

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