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what happens when a rubber rod is rubbed with a piece of fur, giving it a negative charge?

electrons are added to the rod

a repelling force occurs between two charged objects when the charges are of

like signs

an attracting force occurs between two charged objecst when teh charges are of

unlike signs

when a glass rod is rubbed with silk and becomes positively charged

electrons are removed from the rod

electric charge is


charge is most easily transferred in


the process of charging a conductor by bringing it near another charged object and then grounding the conductor is called


both insulators and conductors can be charged by


a surface charge can be produced on insulators by


conductors can be charges by *** while insulators cannot


wwhich of the following is not true for both gravitational and electric forces?
a. the inverse square distance law applies
b. forves are proportional to physical properties
c. potential energy is a function of distance of seperation
d. forces are either attractive or repulses


electric field strength depends on

charge and distance

what occurs when two charges are moved closer together

the force between teh object increases

resultant force on a charge is the *** sum of individual forces that charge


the electric field charge just ourside a charged conductor that is in electrostatic equilibrium is


for a conductor that is electrostatic equilibrium, any excess charge

resides entirely on teh conductor's interior

if an irregularly shaped conductor is in electrostatic equilibrium, charge accumulates

evenly throughout the conductor

of a positively charged glass rod is used to charge a metal bar by induction, the charge on the bar

must be negative

which sentence best describes electrical conductors
a. they ahve low mass density
b.they have a high tensile strength
c.they have electric charges that move freely
d. they are poor heat conductors


which is most correct regarding electric insulators
a. charges within electrical insulators do not readily move
b.electrical insulators have high tensile strength
c. electric charges move freely in electrical insulators
d. they are good heat conductors


when a charged object is brought close to an uncharged body without touching it, a ** charge may result on the uncharged body. when a charged body is brought into contact with an uncharged body and then is removed a ** charge may result on the uncharged body

induced, residual

which is the most correct statement regarding the drawing of electric field lines
a.they always connect from one charge to another
b.they always form closed loops
c. they can start on a charge of either polarity
d. they never cross eachother


any force between two objects that are not touching is called a *** force

non contact

the space around a charged object contains the electric ***


explain what happens when you vigorously rub your wool socks on a carpeted floor, touch a metal doorknob, and get a shock

electrostatic- electrons from you

describe how a non conducting material, such as paper, becomes attracted to a negatively charged object brought near it

atoms rearrange

a negatively charged rubber rod is brought near a neutral, conductive sphere that has no charge. as a result part of the sphere closest the the rod becomes positively charged. explain how this positive charge occurs

polarization- atoms rearragnge

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