Body Idioms


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shake like a leaf
said when someone is so scared they can't stop moving
be scared stiff
to be so frightened you can't move
It sends shivers up and down my spine
when something frightens you very much, you can say...
it's like banging my head against a brick wall
said when we try to do something that seems impossible or makes us frustrated
he's got his head in the clouds
if someone is not fully aware of a situation
he's got an old head on young shoulders
said when someone seems older than they are or if they talk and think like an older person
I've got itchy feet
said when you have a strong feeling that you'd like to travel
I got cold feet
said when we make a plan, but then decide not to do it because we are too nervous
I shot myself in the foot.
said when you do something that ruins a situation for you
keep an eye on something
said when we want someone to look after something or to watch it closely
I have eyes in the back of my head
said when you know everything that's happening around you, even though you can't see it
My eyes are bigger than my stomach
said when you take too much food and then can't eat it all
I'm pulling your leg
said when you try to make someone believe something that isn't true, as a joke
It cost an arm and a leg
said when something is extremely expensive
I haven't got a leg to stand on
said when you're in a situation where you can't prove something
They're up in arms
said when people are very angry about something
I'd give my right arm to do it
said when you want something very, very much
He's twisting my arm
said when someone tries to persuade you to do something that you don't want to do
I let my hair down
said when you behave in a less serious way than usual and enjoy yourselves a little
Keep your hair on
said when you want someone who's angry to calm down
I'm tearing my hair out
said when you're very anxious about something