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  1. Biological Species Concept
  2. genetic drift
  3. Adaptive Radiation
  4. Macroevolution
  5. Taxonomy
  1. a definition of species: one that can breed with one another and produce fertile offspring
  2. b Identification of a species
  3. c Major biological changes
  4. d change in gene pool of population due to chance
  5. e evolution from a common ancestor of many species adapted to diverse enviroments

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  1. time it takes for 50% of a radioactive isotope to decay
  2. the selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to produce offspring with genetic traits that humans value
  3. medicines that kill or slow the growth of bacteria
  4. differences among members of the same species.
  5. process in which unrelated species from simmilar enviroments have simillar adaptations

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  1. descent with modificationprocess by which descendants of ancestoral organisms spread into various habitats and accumulate adaptations to diverse ways of life


  2. natural selectionthe process by which individuals with inherited characteristics well-suited to the environment leave more offspring on average than do other animals..this causes the organisms to adapt to the developed environments around them


  3. vestigal structuressimilarities amoung unrelated species that are result of convergent evolution.


  4. fossil recordcontibution that an individual makes to the gene pool of the next generation


  5. Cladogramtype of phylogenic tree that suggests ancestral relationships amoung species constructed from 2 way branch points.