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  1. artificial selection
  2. gene pool
  3. Phylogenetic Tree
  4. genetic drift
  5. gene flow
  1. a consists of all the alleles in all the individuals that make up a population
  2. b the selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to produce offspring with genetic traits that humans value
  3. c Branching diagram, suggesting evolutionary relationships
  4. d exchange of genes between populations
  5. e change in gene pool of population due to chance

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  1. definition of species: one that can breed with one another and produce fertile offspring
  2. similar structure in different species that share a common ancestor
  3. contibution that an individual makes to the gene pool of the next generation
  4. homologous charachter that untitesorganisms into a group.
  5. 2 part latin name for species

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  1. Cladogram2 part latin name for species


  2. Adaptive Radiationevolution from a common ancestor of many species adapted to diverse enviroments


  3. TaxonomyIdentification of a species


  4. variationdifferences among members of the same species.


  5. Reproductive IsolationCondition in which a reproductive barrier keeps two species from interbreeding


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