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  1. Reproductive Isolation
  2. Derived Character
  3. Cladogram
  4. Taxonomy
  5. artificial selection
  1. a type of phylogenic tree that suggests ancestral relationships amoung species constructed from 2 way branch points.
  2. b the selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to produce offspring with genetic traits that humans value
  3. c homologous charachter that untitesorganisms into a group.
  4. d Identification of a species
  5. e Condition in which a reproductive barrier keeps two species from interbreeding

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  1. contibution that an individual makes to the gene pool of the next generation
  2. process in which unrelated species from simmilar enviroments have simillar adaptations
  3. chronological collection of lifes remains in sedimentary rock layers
  4. evolution on the smallest scale--> a generation-to-generation change in the frequencies of alleles within a population
  5. Major biological changes

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  1. Analogous Structuressimilar structure in different species that share a common ancestor


  2. Phylogenetic Treechange in gene pool of population due to chance


  3. genetic driftchange in gene pool of population due to chance


  4. Half-Lifedifferences among members of the same species.


  5. Punctuated Equilibriumevotionarymodel in which speciesoften diverge in spurts of relitively rapid change, followed by long periods of little change.