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Great Depression sect. 2

swing music
African American influenced type of music that became popular through broadcasting of radios. Benny Goodman became the key figure in this era.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
*one of FDR's 5 measures. Established as an unemployment relief effort that provided works for jobless young men in protecting and conserving the nation's natural resources.
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
Set up to relief nation's farmers by establishing new federal role in agricultural planning and price setting. *one of FDR 5 measures.

Significance. They offered subsidy to farmers.
Southern Tenant Farmer's Union
Protest against evictions, strikes to raise labor wages, and challenged landlord to give tenant their fair share of subsidy payment.

Significance: emerged as an important voice of collective protest against AAA policies.
Dust Bowl
the ecological and economic disaster of unprecedented proportions that struck the Great Plains the mid 1930s.
Court Packing
legislative initiative to add more justice to the supreme court proposed by FDR shortly after his 1936 election.

Significance: this was established so that FDR could expand membership of the supreme court, which would gave FDR the power to nominate justices that would support the new deal legislation.
Scheter VS. United States
Supreme court case that found the National Recovery Administration unconstitutional in it's entirety.
1938 Fair Labor Standard Act
Act that established the first federal minimum wage 25 cents an hour and set a maximum work week for 44 hours. For all employees engaged in interstate commerce.
Eleanor Roosevelt
1st lady during FDR presidency that used her role to fight for what she believed in.