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  1. Cardiac nerves
  2. Gap junctions
  3. Second heart sound
  4. Anastamoses
  5. Apex
  1. a direct connections, either between branches of a given artery or between branches of different arteries. Natural communication, direct or indirect, between 2 blood vessels or other tubular structures.
  2. b Allow cytoplasm to flow freely between cells, resulting in areas of low electrical resistance between the cells.
  3. c is a higher-pitched sound often described as "dubb".
  4. d Nerve that extends from the sympathetic chain ganglia to the heart.
  5. e the blunt rounded point of the heart; rounded tip directed anteriorly and slightly inferiorly.

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  1. An opening between the right and left atria in the embryo and the fetus.
  2. is an inflammation of the serous pericardium.
  3. Specialized plasma membrane structures hold the cells together.
  4. Consists of a plate of fibrous connective tissue between the atria and the ventricles. This connective tissue plate forms fibrous rings around the atrioventricular and the semilunar valves and provides solid support for them, reinforcing the valve openings.
  5. is a potentially fatal condition in which a large volume of fluid or blood accumulates in the pericardial cavity and compresses the heart from the outside.

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  1. T Waverepresents repolarization of the ventricles and precedes ventricular relaxation.


  2. P Wavethin- walled, form the superior and posterior parts of the heart.


  3. Aortais an artery that exits the heart, carries blood from the left ventricle to the body


  4. Coronary sinusShort trunk that receives most of the veins of the heart and empties into the right atrium.


  5. Sympathetic stimulationinfluence the pumping action of the heart by affecting both heart rate and stroke volume. It can increase cardiac output by 50-100% over resting values.