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  1. hydrolysis reaction
  2. hydrophobic
  3. base
  4. isotope
  5. polymer
  1. a atoms of the same element that differ in the number of neutrons. have the same number of protons byt have different atomic mass
  2. b components of water are added to degrade polymers
  3. c substances that either take up hydrogen ions(H+) or release hydroxide ions (OH-)
  4. d nonionized and nonpolar molecules that cannot attract water
  5. e is a large molecule (macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units.

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  1. type of base in DNA paired with adenine
  2. when atoms of two or more elements bond together
  3. the number of protons in the nucleus
  4. a single chain of amino acids
  5. neuclotide. consists of the pyrophosphate group, the pentose sugar ribose, and the nucleobase adenine.
    is the product of ATP dephosphorylation by ATPases. is converted back to ATP by ATP synthases. ATP is an important energy transfer molecule in cells.

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  1. ionof plant origin and are liquid at room temperature


  2. atomic massthe sum of protons and neutrons in an atom


  3. nucleotidea molecular complex of three types of subunit molecules


  4. oilsubstances that release hydrogen ions (H+)^2 when they dissociate in water


  5. emulsificationsubatomic particle with a negative charge