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  1. river basin
  2. land-locked
  3. imperialism
  4. leaching
  5. deforestation
  1. a stripping the land of trees for farming
  2. b taking over a country by military or political power
  3. c a valley formed by the draining of a river.
  4. d a country entirely surrounded by land and cut off from the sea.
  5. e washing away of nutrients from soil

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  1. an area where plants and animals are suited to each other
  2. the area below the Sahara desert. Lower 2/3 of Africa.
  3. countries trying to improve their economies
  4. level area of land higher than surrounding land
  5. A large split in Earth's crust, where earthquakes and volcanoes happen

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  1. colonizationto move from one place to another


  2. migrationstripping the land of trees for farming


  3. cataracta desert in south central Africa


  4. Namiba desert in SW Africa - called the "driest place on earth"


  5. refugeea person who flees a country to escape violence, war and famine


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