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  1. desertification
  2. migration
  3. independence
  4. Namib
  5. refugee
  1. a to move from one place to another
  2. b a desert in SW Africa - called the "driest place on earth"
  3. c a person who flees a country to escape violence, war and famine
  4. d growth of a desert region
  5. e a country that governs and is in control of itself. "Freedom"

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  1. stripping the land of trees for farming
  2. the area below the Sahara desert. Lower 2/3 of Africa.
  3. a valley formed by the draining of a river.
  4. semi-arid land between desert and rainforest
  5. countries trying to improve their economies

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  1. imperialismto move from one place to another


  2. plateaulevel area of land higher than surrounding land


  3. Rift ValleyA large split in Earth's crust, where earthquakes and volcanoes happen


  4. leachingwashing away of nutrients from soil


  5. land-lockeda large, steep waterfall