PSY2012 ch 1

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psychologists associated with behaviorism
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explore links between the body and brainbiological psychologystudies out changing abilities from birth to deathdevelopmental psychologyexperimenting with how we perceive/think/solve problemscognitive psychologyinvestigating persistent traitspersonality psychologyexploring how we view and affect one anothersocial psychologyhelps people cope with personal and career challenges by recognizing their strengthscounseling psychologyinvestigating the biopsychological and behavioral factors that promote or impair our healthhealth psychologyassessing and treating people with mental emotional and behavioral disorder (does not include psychiatry)clinical psychologystudying and advising workplace related behaviorindustrial-organizational psychologywork to create social and physical environments that are healthy for allcommunity psychology3 components of scientific attitudecuriosity, skepticism, humility4 big ideas in psychology- Critical Thinking - The biopsychosocial approach - The two-track mind - Exploring human strengthsviewing humans from the three levels of biological, psychological and social-cultural which fine tune our assumptions, values and behaviorbiopsychosocial approachprepares us to think smarter, examine assumptions, consider the source, uncover hidden values, weigh evidence and test conclusionscritical thinkingdual processing, capacity, memory, thinking and attitudes operate on two levels: a conscious mind and an unconscious mindtwo track mindpsychology focuses on not only understanding and offering relief from troublesome emotions and behavior but also understanding and developing the emotions and traits that help us thriveexploring human strengths