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  1. Habituation
  2. Intimacy
  3. Formal Operational Stage
  4. Identity
  5. Conservation
  1. a one's sense of self; according to Erikson, the adolescent's task is to solidify a sense of self by testing and integrating various roles
  2. b in Erikson's theory, the ability to form close, loving relationships; a primary developmental task in late adolescence and early adulthood
  3. c in Piaget's theory, the stage of cognitive development (normally beginning about age 12) during which people begin to think logically about abstract concepts
  4. d decreasing responsiveness with repeated stimulation
  5. e the principle (which Piaget believed to be a part of concrete operational reasoning) that properties such as mass, volume, and number remain the same despite changes in the forms of objects

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  1. in Piaget's theory, the preoperational child's difficulty taking another's point of view
  2. in Piaget's theory, the stage (from birth to about 2 years of age) during which infants know the world mostly in terms of their sensory impressions and motor activities
  3. the awareness that things continue to exist even when not perceived
  4. the period of sexual maturation, during which a person becomes capable of reproducing
  5. the first menstrual period

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  1. Fetusa disorder that appears in childhood and is marked by deficient communication, social interaction, and understanding of others' states of mind


  2. Critical Periodan optimal period shortly after birth when an organism's exposure to certain stimuli or experiences produces proper development


  3. Zygotethe fertilized egg; it enters a 2-week period of rapid cell division and develops into an embryo


  4. Schemaa concept or framework that organizes and interprets information


  5. Longitudinal Studyresearch in which the same people are restudied and retested over a long period