23 terms

fs Thano Set 3

A subatomic particle with a negative electrical charge and a mass that is I/1,857 that of a proton. Found outside the nucleus of an atom.
A simple substance which cannot be decomposed by ordinary chemical means.
Embalming Chemistry
The study of those types of matter and changes in matter related to the disinfection and preservation of human remains.
Embalming fluid
The fluids specifically designed for preservation and disinfection purposes.
The act of mixing two insoluble liquids. Examples: oil in water by the action of soap; fats in digestion by the action of bile.
A mixture of two insoluble liquids, one being dispersed throughout the other in small droplets.
Endothermic Reaction
A chemical reaction that absorbs or requires heat from its surroundings.
The ability of a system or material to do work.
Equation, Chemical
A combination of chemical symbols and formulas used as a shorthand way to represent the reactants and products in a chemical reaction.
Exothermic Reaction
A chemical reaction that releases heat.
The microbial decomposition of carbohydrates under anaerobic conditions.
index 37 is saturation point (25 % is unsat) (75% is supersat)
Formaldehyde Demand
That amount of formaldehyde necessary to overcome any nitrogen residue and cause the body proteins to become coagulated.
Formaldehyde gas dissolved in water at 37% by weight and 40% by volume.
A qualitative and quantitative expression of a compound using symbols and subscripts to indicated the chemical constituents of a substance and their respective numbers.
A change of state of matter from a liquid to a solid by the loss of heat.
A state of matter w/Indefinite shape, Indefinite volume, particles are independant of one another and move by floatation
Used for disinfectants, diatomic, inc Cl, F, Br, I
Hardening Compounds
Chemicals which have water absorbing and disinfectant properties, but no preservatives.
Hardness of Water
The condition of water which results from dissolved minerals and metallic ions such as calcium and magnesium.
Swelling & bursting of red blood cells ( caused by plasmoptysis)
Consisting of or composed of dissimilar elements or components; not having a uniform quality throughout.
Evaporation aka Vaporization aka Boiling
Transformation from a liquid to a gas.