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A ventricular shunt can be placed distally in the ___ or the ___.

atrium, peritoneal cavity

What is the most proximal portion of the uterine tube?


Pulse Ox. readings may be adversely affected by

*any major event that significantly reduces vascular pulsations

Correct statement regarding an endarterectomy.

Endarterectomy is performed to alleviate occlusion of an artery

Which veins receive blood from the brain, meninges, and depper regions of the face and neck?

internal jugular

A positive Kehr's sign is

left should pain

Which type of suture would most likely be use to close the dura on an adult patient?

4-0 neurolon

The finger-like projections at the open end of the utereine


What is correct order to turn a bone flap?

incision, raise muscle flap, perforator, craniotome

What structure does the Greek word 'salpinx' refers to?

uterine tubes

The abdominal aorta terminates at the

bifurcation of the common iliacs

Staphylococci epidermidis is most commonly found on the surface of the


If you noticed muscle stiffness, dark blood in the operative field, tachycardia and increased body temperature, what might you suspect/

malignant hyperthermia

A Diethrich set includes items such as

vascular clamps, dilators, and scissors

What is a disadvantage of spinal anesthesia?


A blowout fracture is define as

direct impact to the orbit collapses the floor of the orbit & medial orbital wall

Which procedure could necessitate the use of Javid shunt?

carotid enarterectomy

What uses light absorption technique to assess oxygen saturation levels in arterial blood?

pulse oximeter

Which vessels must be clamped during a carotid endarterectomy?

*common carotid artery
*internal carotid artery
*external carotid artery

What can be performed to create an easy entrance into most vessels of the body?

Seldinger technique

The breasts are situated on the thorax overlying the

pectoralis major and serratus anterior

Which graft material needs to be preclotted?


Specific malignant conditions that may require splenectomy include all except:
*Hodgkin's disease
*Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas
*Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura
*carcinoma of left kidney

carcinoma of left kidney

The best way to control bleeding on the cut edges of bone is with

bone wax

What are the 3 major branches of the aortic arch?

*brachiocephalic artery
*left subclavian artery
*left common carotid artery

Another name for the inferior epigastrics is the superficial epigastrics.
*true or false


The renal artery ___ to the renal vein.


The transversalis fascia forms which structure?

*Floor of the inguinal canal
*internal ring

The suprarenal arteries feed the


A direct inguinal hernia is located

inside hesselbach's triangle

Which condition results from a failure of the bony structures around the neural tube to close properly during embryonic development?

spina bifida

What is the intraoperative purpose of a large-bore spinal needle during spinal procedures?

proper disk level identification through x-ray

Which vein travels along the lateral side of the arm from the hand to the shoulder, eventually emptying into the termination of the axillary veing?


The "Patient Bill of Rights" establishes the patient as

consumer of goods and primary decision maker

Unintentional hypothermia may cause

*cardiac events
*impaired wound healing
*impaired platelet formation
*altered drug metabolism

A fogarty balloon catheter is used for

arterial embolectomy

Which of the following would most likely not be used on a craniotomy for a cerebellar tumor?


An AP radiographic film is taken which way?

under the patient

The cause of floating spots before the eye in retinal detachment is

free pigment or blood cells in the vitreous

The aorta bifurcates at the level of the fourth lumbar verterbra into the

right and left common iliac arteries

Name the structure that exits the renal pelvis


True statment statements regarding male and female urethras are

*the female urethra is approx. 4cm long
*the male urethra is 18-22cm long
*blood is supplied to the female urethra by the internal pudendal and vaginal arteries

Which graft requires preclotting by the surgical team?

knitted polyester graft

Name the funnel-shaped portion of the fallopian tube.


An indirect inguinal hernia occurs

lateral to the inferior epigastric artery

This structure is a vertical cleft on the medial aspect of the kidney where the renal artery enters and the renal vein and renal pelvis exit.


Describe a pantaloon hernia.

A combination of direct and indirect hernia

The difference between gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery is

GI surgery is a subspecialty of general surgery concerned with surgical management of the GI tract; gastroenterology is a medical specialty

True statements regarding a ventriculoperitoneal shunt

*The ventricles can be approached from a burr hole
*The vp shunt is a completly internal drainage system
*The reservoir connects the proximal and distal catheters and rests inside the burr hole

The cystic duct, common hepatic duct, and the liver (some texts say cystic artery instead of liver) form what landmark?

cystohepatic triangle

Which clamp is removed last during a carotid endarterectomy?

internal carotid artery

True statements regarding the placement of the bone flap

*The bone flap is placed after the dura has been securely closed
*The bone flap remain on the sterile field throughout the procedure, typically in a solution of antibiotic saline
*The bone flap can be fixated to the skull with the use of titanium miniplates and screws

Name the thin membranous sheath surrounding the kidney and perirenal fat.

renal fascia

Describe the internal inguinal ring.

opening from the abdomen to the inguinal canal formed by the transversalis fascia

Pre-op markings to determine nipple positioning for reduction mammoplasty will be drawn on the patient's chest while

sitting upright or standing

True statment regarding the suture for peripheral vascular surgery.

Before tying polypropylene sutures, the surgeon's hands should be wet

An example of a bacterium that requires oxygen to sustain life is

Staphylococcus aureus

The patient being admitted for vascular surgery should be assessed for

*nutritional status
*use of alcohol and cigarettes
*existence of any skin lesions

Injury due to improper positioning can result in ALL members being named in a law suit for


What is commonly used to retract the spermatic cord to repair defects in the floor and internal ring of the inguinal canal (adults)

penrose drain

The upper dome-like portion of the uterus is referred to as the


What is usually a result from a tear in the branch of the middle meningeal artery and can cause rapid deterioration?

epidural hematoma

Which arteries supply the pelvis and perineum with blood?

internal iliac

What is the longest vein in the body?

greater saphenous

The obsolete anme for axillary process or tail is

Tail of Spence

Which duct joins the common bile duct as it enters the duodenum at the hepatopancreatic or major duodenal papilla?

pancreatic duct

The cystic duct joins the common hepatic duct to form the

bile duct or common bile duct

For an aortofemoral bypass, these statements are correct

*The patient will be prepped from midchest to midthigh and as far as possible on each side
*The circulator should ensure that blood is available for the patient
*2-0 or 3-0 silk ties can be used to ligate larger, deeper vessels

What incision is most indicated when early control of the vascular pedicle is a concern, such as with renal neoplasms or arterial lesions?

transabdominal or thoracoabdominal

The spleen is the most commonly injured intraabdominal organ in blunt trauma.
*True or False


Large-gauged, interrupted, nonabsorbable sutures placed lateral to a primary suture line for wound reinforcement are called


The kidneys are located in which space?


Postoperative recovery time fo the obese patient is increased because

adipose tissue retains anesthetic agents longer

The uterine arteries branch from the

internal iliacs

What drug is given to counteract the effects of Heparin, a commonly used anticoagulant?

protamine sulfate

This is the section of the gallbladder connecting to the cystic duct.


Which approach would be best for an aortofemoral bypass?

anterior abdominal groin

Which arteries supply blood to the spinal cord and its meninges?

lumbar arteries

Which artery supplies the upper portion of the digestive tube, the spleen, and the liver?


___ is the most frequently acquired nosocomial infection.

Urinary tract infection

Scalp bleeding can be reduced by:

*digital pressure
*scalp clips
*local anesthetic with epi

What is a true statement regarding necessary equipment for a craniotomy?

the use of a perforator facilitates the making of burr holes

A modified radical mastectomy preserves the

pectoralis muscles

Contraindications to laparoscopic splenectomy include

*severe portal hypertension
*traumatic injuries
*uncorrectable coagulopathy

A patient who has had his throat slashed and has had his lower trachea severed may have also experienced injury to his


Claudication refers to


What are indications for reduction mammoplasty?

*back pain
*shoulder grooving from bra straps

True statements regarding aneurysm clips.

*aneurysm clips should be made of an MRI-compatible material such as vitallium
*once the jaws of a permanent aneurysm clip have been opened, it should not be opened and used again
*aneurysm clips come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes

True statements regarding enlarged prostate gland or BPH are

*the gland projects into the urinary bladder
*it affects virtually every male who lives long enough
*BPH increases the risk of cystitis and kidney damage

True statements regarding arterial embolism.

*emboli can be in the form of air, blood, fat, or tumor
*emboi can lodge at bifurcations and vessel narrowing
*some emboli can be treated with specialized enzymes or high doses of heparin

Which medication is often added to injectable saline for intra-arterial irigation?


The position for a lap Nissen fundoplication is

low (modified) lithotomy

True statement concerning abdominal aneurysms.

most abdominal aneurysms arise below the level of the renal arteries

True statements regarding the arterial supply of the spleen are

*the splenic artery arises from the celiac trunk
*the splenic artery divides into 5 or more branches that enter the hilum
*the splenic artery passes anterior to the left kidney

A direct hernia is a weakness in the

floor of the inguinal canal

The ___ nervous system functions independently and continuously without conscious effort.


An indication for laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication is

gastroesophageal reflux disease

Which arteries communicate with the basilar artery to form the circle of Willis?

internal carotid

Which structure is superior to the right kidney?


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