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Vocabulary words for Cha. 4 Machines & Mechanical Systems.


includes everything you do to make a machine work.

input force

the force applied to a machine.


a push, pull or any action that has the ability to change motion.


a type of mechanical system.

mechanical advantage

the ratio of output force to input force (MA).

mechanical system

a series of interrlated, moving parts that work together to accomplish a certain task.

output force

the force a machine applies to accomplish a task.

simple machine

an unpowered mechanical device, that has an output and input force.


the applications of science to solve technical problems.

engineering cycle

a process used to build devices that solve technical problems (design, prototype, test, evaluate).


people who design technology to solve problems.


a fixed point on a lever.


a wheel with teeth.

input arm

when you place a lever on a fulcrum, the side where force is applied.

input gear

the gear you turn, or apply force to.


a stiff structure that rotates around a fixed point called a fulrum.

output arm

is the end of a lever on a fulcrum where the output force is applied.

output gear

the gear that is connected to the output of the machine.


a working model of a design that can be tested to see if it works.


what the machine does.

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