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#48 - Deialog

The dialogue from Uned 48 of Cwrs Sylfaenol Ceredigion. Ffred expresses concern for Sandra's brother
Roedd hi'n flin 'da fi glywed am dy frawd di
I was sorry to hear about your brother
Diolch am ddod draw
Thanks for coming over
Dyn ni wedi bod yn poeni amdano fe
We've been worrying about him
Ydy e wedi cael llawdriniaeth?
Has he had surgery?
Dylai fe fod yn iawn nawr
He should be fine now
Ond roedd e mewn poen ofnadwy
But he was in terrible pain
Druan â fe
Poor him
Cofia fi ato fe
Remember me to him
Pan ei di i'r ysbyty
When you go to the hospital
Gwnaf, wrth gwrs
I will do, of course
Dyn ni'n mynd y prynhawn 'ma
We're going this afternoon