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Strawberry Ice Cream Soda

Author: Irwin Shaw
Setting: Adirondack Hills, NY
Main Characters: Eddie Barnes and Lawrence Barnes

To Build A Fire

Author: Jack London
Setting: Yukon Wilderness, in the winter
Main Characters: The guy, Pepper, his dog


Author: Rosa Guy
Setting: Gogi's apartment
Main Characters: Gogi, Linda, Harry

Gold Bug

Author: E.A. Poe
Setting: Island off the mainland
Characters: Jupiter, Mr. Legant, the little boy

May I Have Your Autograph

Author: Marjorie Sharmat
Setting: Dominion Imperial International Hotel
Characters: Rosalind, Craig the Cat, Wendy

Midnight Snack

Author: Diane Duane
Setting: NY Subways
Characters: Jerry, Beth

Priscilla and the Wimps

Author: Richard Peck
Setting: School
Characters: Priscilla Rosebury, Monk Klutter, Melvin Detweiler

Future Tense

Author: Robert Lypsyte
Setting: School
Characters: Mr. Smith, Gary

Turmoil in a Blue and Beige Bedroom

Author: Judie Angell
Setting: June's Bedroom
Characters: John, June

Do You Want My Opinion

Author: M.E Kerr
Setting: In Johns mind, at school
Characters: John, Lauren Lake

Fourth of July

Author: Robin F. Brancato
Setting: Gas station
Characters: Chuck, Jack

Three People Two Seats

Author: Kevin Major
Setting: A Bus
Characters: Kenny, Brian, Dave

In the Heat

Author: Robert Cormier
Setting: Richy's House, funeral home
Characters: Richy, Richy's dad, Ruth


Author: Maureen Daly
Setting: Ice Rink
Characters: Girl, "Smoothie" Boy

Without Words

Author: Elliot Merrick
Setting:Labrador, in the winter
Characters: Mathieu, Jan Mckenzie


Author: Albert Halper
Setting: Chicago
Characters: Harry, Harry's dad, Sylvia

The Tell Tale Heart

Author: E.A. Poe
Setting: The guy's house
Characters: old guy, his care taker

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