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photosynthetic, most live in freshwater, have 2 unequal flagella, lack cell walls, ex.Euglena


(golden algae), photosynthetic, aquatic, mostly unicellular, have yellow brown pigments ex.Thallasiosira and Dinibryon


(diatoms) live almost entirely in salt water, luminescent, unique cell walls rich in silicon, among most abundunt organism on earth, ex.Diatoms


(dinoflagellates), luminescent, symbiotic, live in saltwater, photosynthetic, rigid cell walls composed of cellulose ex.Gonyalulux,Noctilucans, Karenia(red tide)


(Red algae), live in salt water, multicellular, contain phycobilins(red pigment) ex.Chodrus (iris moss) and coralline algae


(brown algae),live in salt water, multicellular, contain fucoxanthin (brown pigment) ex.Fucus(rockweed), kelp, sargassum


live in fresh and saltwater, unicullular multicellular colonial,have chlorophylls and accessory pigmints similar to plants,food stored as starch ex.Ulva,Chlamydomonas, and Spirogyra

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