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  1. chain of islands off of the southeast coast of North America; where Columbus landed
  2. the name Americas, comes from this explorers name; in 1502 called the Americas the "new world";
  3. an Italian explorer, who sailed to North America in 1492
  4. Spanish explorer in search of gold in North America; In 1540 he became the first European to reach the Mississippi River
  5. capture or taking of something by force
  1. a Amerigo Vespucci
  2. b Christopher Columbes
  3. c Hernando de Soto
  4. d West Indies
  5. e conquest

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  1. colony
  2. mission
  3. Hernando Cortes
  4. missionary
  5. Tenochtitlan

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  1. to change religionsconvert


  2. a friend who will help in a fightcolonist


  3. Caribbean island where the Spanish first brought enslaved Africans to North AmericaHispaniola


  4. a person who lives in a colonycolonist


  5. a journey made for a special purposecolonist