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  1. colony established in North America by Spain in 1535
  2. capture or taking of something by force
  3. to change religions
  4. chain of islands off of the southeast coast of North America; where Columbus landed
  5. the name Americas, comes from this explorers name; in 1502 called the Americas the "new world";
  1. a West Indies
  2. b Amerigo Vespucci
  3. c New Spain
  4. d conquest
  5. e convert

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  1. conquistadors
  2. Hernando Cortes
  3. ally
  4. Tenochtitlan
  5. expedition

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  1. a person who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefsmissionary


  2. Spanish explorer in search of gold in North America; In 1540 he became the first European to reach the Mississippi RiverHernando de Soto


  3. a religious settlement where missionaries live and workmission


  4. a settlement far from the country that rules itcolony


  5. an Italian explorer, who sailed to North America in 1492Christopher Columbes