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Microbiology:Bacterial Cells Ch 4 Ex 1

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Which of the following groups of organisms is not prokaryotic?
D) Eukarya
Which of the following is not a common bacterial shape?
C) disc
A small comma shaped bacteria is described as being a ________.
D) vibrio
Bacteria which show a wide variety of shapes within a single species are said to be
A) pleomorphic
Which of the following cellular structures are found only in prokaryotic cells?
B) pili
Extrachromosomal DNA in prokaryotic cells can be found in the form of
B) plasmids
Which of the following cellular structures can be found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
D) ribosomes
Cocci arranged in random clusters of cells represent which of the following arrangements
B) staphylococci
Cocci shaped cells which divide along two planes will produce cells arranged into
C) tetrads
Prokaryotic cells divide by
B) binary fission
The function normally performed by mitochondria in eukaryotes is performed by ________ in prokaryotes.
B) cell membrane
The shape of a bacterial cell is determined (and maintained) by the
B) cell wall
The most important component of bacterial cell walls is
C) peptidoglycan
The outer (cell) membrane component of the cell wall of gram negative bacteria
C) contains lipopolysaccharide
Lipids would be found primarily in the cell wall of
D) acid-fast bacteria
The thinnest cell walls are found in ________ organisms.
A) Gram negative
Penicillin controls the growth of bacteria by
D) preventing peptidoglycan synthesis
Which bacterial genus normally lacks a cell wall?
C) Mycoplasma
The Fluid-mosaic model describes the structure of
B) cell membranes
Cell membranes are composed primarily of
C) phospholipids and proteins
The charged, phosphate end of a membrane phospholipid is
B) hydrophilic
Bacterial ribosomes
A) have a sedimentation rate of 70S
Genetic information in bacteria
D) is sometimes found in the form of plasmids
Endospores are typically found in the genera
B) Clostridium
Endospores are usually induced to form when
B) certain nutrients are depleted
Bacteria move by means of
B) flagella
Bacteria with flagella all over their surface are said to be
B) peritrichous
Some bacteria can transfer DNA to another cell using
A) conjugation pili
Eukaryotic cells add rigidity to their plasma membrane by including what component in the membrane
D) sterols
Which of the following cell structures could be found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
A) ribosomes
C) have a double membrane
Osmosis most directly involves
A) water moving down a concentration gradient
When the fluid within a cell has a higher concentration of dissolved substances than the fluid surrounding the cell, we say the fluid surrounding the cell is
D) hypotonic
A typical bacterial cell has a salt concentration of about 1%. If the cell is placed in a solution containing 10% salt, the net flow of water will be
A) out of the cell
T or F: Production of ATP occurs on the cell membrane of prokaryotic cells and in the lysosomes of eukaryotic cells.
T or F: The cell wall controls the movement of small molecules into and out of the cell.
T or F: Bacterial endospores are reproductive structures.
T or F: Bacteria with a single flagella at each end of the cell are said to be amphitrichous.
T or F: Bacteria move by whipping their flagella back and forth.
T or F: All bacteria produce capsules.
________ cells lack a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.
A spherical bacterium is known as a ________ .
ATP is produced in the ___________ of eukaryotic cells.
The ________ lies just outside the cell membrane in most bacteria and prevents the cell from lysing when fluids flow into the cell.
cell wall
A bacterial cell wall consists of several components, the most important of which is ________, a polymer of N-acetylglucosamine and N-acetylmuramic acid.
The depletion of certain nutrients from the environment can cause some bacteria to form a protective structure known as a/n ________ .
Water diffuses across a semi-permeable membrane during the process of ________ .
The net flow of water will be out of a cell when a cell is placed in a ________ solution.
The bacterial cell wall is especially important when the cell is placed in a ________
solution because it prevents the cell from bursting.