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endocrine system

a system of glands that chemically controls the functions of cells,tissues, and organs through secretion of hormones.


chemicals produced made by an endocrine glands


produces and secretes hormones, there are 2 kinds; duct and ductless


they are the ductless glands that secretes hormones directly into the blood stream without passing them through a tube or duct


they have ducts, they secrete substances onto the surface of body tissues


to produce and release hormones


releasing fluids and other waste products


study of the endocrine system

pituitary gland

located at the bottom or the base of the brain,the master gland, secretes hormones that control all other glands and hormones
that regulates growth

thyroid gland

endocrine gland located below the voice box; it secretes hormones that controls the rate at which the body burns energy and uses food (nutrients)


controls the growth of bones and the amount of calcium in your body


It is both a duct and ductless gland; it secretes a hormone called insulin that regulates how the body uses and stores sugars(glucose); when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin a person may have a disease called diabetes.

Adrenal glands

Secretes a hormone called adrenaline especially when a person is frighten, angry, or nervous; this causes rapid heartbeat and breathing and also sweaty palms.

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