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  1. dorsiflexion
  2. extension
  3. cartilaginous joint
  4. metacarpals
  5. circumduction
  1. a bending the foot or toes upward
  2. b increasing the angle between bones (straightening a joint, stretching out a tendon)
  3. c a joint where the material between bones consists of cartilage that allows some movement between bones
  4. d the small, narrow bones of the hand
  5. e turning the distal end of a bone in a circle

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  1. the spinal column; 31 vertebrae in a linear formation
  2. fibrocartilaginous disc located between vertebrae
  3. turning a body part outward
  4. the bone of the upper leg or thigh
  5. the first seven bones of the vertebral column, numbered C1 to C7 from superior to inferior

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  1. tendona band of fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone


  2. metatarsus or metatarsal bonesthe bones of the foot


  3. thoracic vertebraefive vertebrae of the lower spine, numbered L1 to L5


  4. fibrous jointa joint that contains synovial fluid within a sac of connective tissue, allowing for the most movement between bones relative to fibrous joints and cartilaginous joints


  5. aponeurosisthe anterior part of the pelvic girdle