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  1. aponeurosis
  2. flexion
  3. ischium
  4. patella
  5. eversion
  1. a the bone that forms the kneecap
  2. b turning a body part outward
  3. c a flattened tendon; it functions as a fascia that joins muscles together or joins muscle to bone
  4. d decreasing the angle between bones (bending a joint)
  5. e the inferior bone of the pelvic girdle

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  1. the smaller of the two bones of the lower leg
  2. a joint where the material between bones consists of cartilage that allows some movement between bones
  3. the upper, wing-shaped bone of the pelvic girdle
  4. the bones of the foot
  5. part of the skull, the bones that surround the brain

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  1. pubisa small fluid-filled sac in the shoulder, elbow, and knee joints that provide a cushioning effect during movement


  2. endosteuma thin layer of fibrous connective tissue that forms the outermost layer of a bone


  3. metacarpalsthe small bones of the wrist


  4. tendona band of fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone


  5. parietal bonespart of the skull, two bones at the top of the head


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