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Island of the Blue Dolphins quiz ch1-10

How did Karana demonstrate that she was more practical than her younger brother

Karana stayed and picked root instead of running to the boat like her brother

What evidence showed that it was rare for a ship to approach Ghalas- at?

It was a rare for a ship to approach because Karna's brother thought it was a red whale or a gull or a big canoe.

Why was Karana surprised when her father told the strangers his real name

Karana was surprised because her dad normally tells strangers a fake name because it might lose its magic

What evidence showed that the natives of the island had experienced bad times with the Aluets in the past

The Aluets came before and the indians had to do all the work.

For what possible reasons was karana island called the Island of the Blue Dolphins

It was called that because few dolphins swim around it and it is shaped like a dolphin

Why did Karana's father warn his people not to visit the Aluets camp

They are people that don't understand friendship, different ways, different laughes, and they are the same tribe that caused the trouble many years ago.

How did the arrival of the white bass on the ledge cause the first unpleasant incident between the Aluets and the natives

The natives would not give them any fish.

What qualitites make a good leader? Did Karana's father possess these qualities

A good leader tells you what to do, how to do it and where to go.Yes he did.

Why was Karana angry by the Aluets killing the otters

karna was mad because they would kill all the otters. the otters were her friends.

How did Karana"s father (Chief Chowig) feel about killing the otters

there are more otters

What showed that the chief did not trust Captain Orlov and that he would not live up to the bargain they made?

He made a spear incase they did not give the the beavers. The people spied on him.

Why did the natives feel they lost? Why di you think they lost?

The natives felt like they lost because they only gave them 1/3 of the treasure

How did Karana demonstrate she was more practical than her younger brother

she kept digging for roots when the ship came

What evidence showed that the natives of the island had experienced bad times with the Aluets in the past

Chieg Chowig said they were foolish and a deal was broken in the past

Give 2 reasons how the island got is name

it was shaped liek a dolphin
blue dolphins swam around it

How did the arrival of the white bass on the ledge cause the first unpleasant incident between the Aluets and the natives

The did not share the bass, and the Aluets were upset with the decision

What was the cliffhanger at the end of chapter 3

Cheif Chowig was sharpening his spear in prparation for a battle

Why was karana angry by the Aluet's killing the otters

they were her friends
they were fun
she was afraid they would be extinct

What showed the Chief Chowig did not trucst Captain Orlov and the he would not live up to the bargain they made

Chief Chowig sent members of his tribe to watch the Aleuts while they were on the island

What is a plot of a story

a plot is a summary of what happens in a story.

How did the battle with the Aluets devastate the island population

they killed many villages

How did the new Chief Kimki have to reorganize tribal life after the battle

Woman had to hunt

What problem arose from this new plan

The men were jealous because the women did a better job

Why were the villagers of Chlas-at eventually willing to leave their island

they wanted a new life

Do you think it was cruel that the ships did not wait for Karana and Ramo

Yes, beacuse the were trying to get stuff for their new life

To prove he is strong and couragous ramo plans to

locate a hidden canoe and bring it to Caral Cove

ramo is dead because ______

he is impulsive
not equipped to handle the wild dogs
he misjudges the dangers on the island

Karana follows the killer_____

to their lair

Why does the tribe go to Coral Coe

because the Aluets were trying to leave

What kind of mood is there while chief Chowig and Captain Orlov tak


Chief Chowig insists that the chests be unloaded from the ship before additional pelts are removed from the island? what does this reveal about his character?

he is demanding

What reaction do Karna and Ulape have to the battle

sad, afraid, shocked, helpless

What are the results of the battle? How does Karana feel about the death of her father?

They lost all of their warriors and Karana thought that her father should not have told his real name

How does the role of women in the tribe change after the battle? How successful are the women

The women were getting a lot of food, more than the men

Why did the men resent the women

they thought the jobs were right for them.

How does grief affect the villagers

They only went out for certain things.

What is the feeling in the village as Kimiki leaves to seek a new homeland? When he fails to return?

bummed and sad

Why were the villagers both fearful and happy at the same time

They were happy they were leaving but fearful because they did not know where they were going.

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