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What were the goals of urban renewal?
- Eliminate substandard housing
- Revitalize urban economies
- construct good housing
- reduce segregation
What was the rationale of urban renewal?
To overcome disadvantages of urban land development, which was not competitively prices and land assembly difficulties.
What were non-federal actions by cities and states in terms of urban renewal?
States added eminent domain for land assembly to enable legislation.
cities established environmental regulations, sewage treatment facilities, redevelopment authorities, parking authorities.
Title I of the Housing Act of 1949
Classic urban renewal. The federal government paid 2/3rd of the cost to buy and clear "blighted" land
Consituted of:
-comprehensively planned --whatever that means
-predominantly residential requirement
-largely clear cut sites
-local public agencies
Local Public Agencies (LPA)
-Recieve federal and local funds
-Prepare sites
-Sell or lease to developers below cost
Title III of the Housing Act of 1949
Public Housing Funding
Results of the Housing Act of 1949
opposition: protests
Large loss in affordable housing
displacement and destruction of community
many sites left vacant or as parking lots
Housing and Community development act
Established community development block grants
What motivations do local governments have when pursuing economic developments?
- Property tax relief
- Growth Machine
- Unemployment
What can a community do to promote economic growth?
- Sales and promotion
- Subsidization
- Land use control and infrastructure provision
- Making sites and buildings abailable
What was happening to the CBD?
Pockets of decay
What contributed to the shittiness of cities of cities during this time period?
Suburbanization of retail and people
Loss of middle class
spread of slums
decline of tax base
Community development block grants (CBDG)
Permitted localities to pursue a wide range of activities that had been pursued under Urban Renewal. It reduced the role of the government in local municipalities. Allowed municipalities more discretion.
Problems with Community development?
Municipalities didn't spend this money on helping the poor, but bricks and mortar and shit that didn't benefit anyone but the white upper/middle class.
Housing Assistance Plan (HAP)
Survey stick, established neds, established annual goal. Spelled out community housing needs and laid out plans for dealing with them. Imposed significant citizen participation requirements on communities.
Difference between Urban renewal and Community development:
-CD gentler in approach and emphasis on rehabilitation than UR
-UR clear cut neighborhoods while CD tries stimulating them
1977 UDAG Program "Urban Development Action Grant"
Broad range, flexible
close gaps in funding in public-private partnship
fed tech assistance to municipalities
How was UDAG advantageous over other renewal programs?
-Shared decision making
-city involved in entire process
-cities potential to share profits