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What should you tell a customer if their tree is damage from in a windstorm?
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While on vacation there is a heavy rainstorm that hits TX. No openings were created insureds roof, but water enters around the chimney flashing and causes damage inside the home. How much will you pay on his claim? Damages: Camera $800, clothing $500, drywall damage-$600, Furniture $500, Necklace $600, Wallpaper $800 (coverage A $70,000, coverage B $40,000, ded 1%)
11. Your insured has a HO policy with the following limits (Coverage A-$140,000, Coverage B-$70,000). What is the max that they can receive for contents that were stolen out of their hotel room while on vacation?**do not consider the ded.**$7,000 / 10% of Coverage B12. Your insured was on vacation when their hotel room caught on fire. The total value of her damaged contents is $1,300.00. (Coverage A-$20,000, Coverage B-$9,000 DED 1% ) How much will you pay on their claim?$90013. What is the maximum you will pay if your insured has $750.00 stolen from his wallet while at the gym? *Do not consider a ded.*$10014. Your insured has a homeowner's policy with a Coverage A limit of $50,000. His Coverage B limit is $20,000. His deductible is 1%. He has 30 trees that are damaged during the fire. How much are you going to pay on this claim?$2,500 (The Maximum)15. You are handling flood claim in Galveston, TX. Your policy holder Jason Watson has a flood policy on his home. His Flood policy has a Coverage A limit of $240,000. The flood damages have made Jason's home uninhabitable. What is the maximum amount that you can pay Jason for Additional Living Expenses on his Flood Claim?$016. Your policyholder has a Homeowner's Policy with the following limits on it Coverage A $140,000 Coverage B-$70,000 Deductible -1%. What is the maximum that he can receive for damage to his other structure?$12,600 (10% of Coverage A)17. What Peril is specifically excluded under the Texas HO-BSmog & Electrical18. Jake has a homeowner's policy with the following coverages: Cov A - $80,000 Cov B $60,000 (Clause 1 Ded $300 /Clause 2 Ded $200) His son John, who resides with him backed Jake's car out of the driveway and ran over his oak tree. The tree is valued at $400. How much are you going to pay on this claim?Not covered, because he lives there.19. A tenant in Mr. Floyd's home unintentionally started a small fire that damaged the tenant's personal property. Is the tenant's personal property covered under Mr. Floyd's homeowners policy, and if so to what extent?No, only the structure.20. Your policyholder lives in San Antonio, TX. He is renting a lake house in Austin for 8 days during his summer vacation. This lake house is considered what?Temporary Dwelling21. Lewis has a Texas Dwelling policy on this property in Lewisville, TX. His tenant called him to tell him that the property was broken into, and all his contents were stolen? Lewis files a claim for his tenant's stolen contents. What do you tell Lewis about his claim?Only the structure is covered22. What are the 3 Texas Dwelling Policy Forms?TDP- 1/ Limited TDP-2/ Broad TDP-3/ All Risk23. Your policyholder has a HO-B Homeowner's policy with a Coverage A limit of liability of $200,000. The Coverage B limit of liability on his policy is $100,000. What is the maximum limits of liability for Other Structures on his policy?$20,000 (10% of Coverage A)24. Your customer has HO-B Homeowner policy with Coverage A limit of $300,000. home his mortgage is $1,400 per month. He cant stay in his home for 1 month due to a claim that was caused by smoke. He is staying in a hotel for 1 month, the cost is $900. How much will you pay your policy holder for ALE?$90025. The party to whom money or insurance proceeds is to be paid in the event of a loss, such as the mortgage on real property?Loss Payee26. Danny Jones has a home insurance policy with a $200,000 limit of liability. The damage on his home is $201,000. The deductible for the policy is $2,000. How much will Mr Jones receive as his loss settlement amount on a total loss?$199,00027. Extra charges covered by homeowner's policies over and above the policyholder's normal living expense?Additional Living Expenses (ALE)28. Your policy holder has a HO-B Homeowners policy. He files a theft claim that occurred away from his residence premises. What is not covered under this claim?Business Personal Property29. Your policyholder lives in Houston. They are on vacation in Colorado. While on vacation in Colorado, his home in Houston catches on fire and the following items are damaged. How much are you going to pay on his claim? Damaged items: Clothing $15,000, Electronics $10,000, Furniture $15,000, Detached Garage $8,200. Damage to Home $50,000 clothing Awning $10,000, Roof Damage $11,900, Attached Garage $8,200??????30. The insured's pets dog "Lucky" caused damage to the front screen door. How much are you going to pay on this claim? The damage to the door is $1,000. Coverage: Covg. A $80,000; CovgB $40,000 (Ded 1%)Pets Are Not Covered31. A fire damaged Joe's property stored in his garage. What is NOT covered under his Texas HO-B homeowner's policy?Motor Vehicles32. Under the H0-B Policy, Coverage A Dwelling is covered for _________ unless excluded.All Physical Loss33. Your insured had $900 worth of stolen contents from her home. She has an HO-B policy with a contents limits of $20,000 and a $500 deductible. How much would you pay her for her stolen contents?$400 for her contents34. Your policyholder has an HO-B Homeowner's policy with a Coverage A limit of $200,000. His policy has a Coverage B limit of liability of $100,000. He has filed a theft claim for contents that were stolen from his home. He has a 2% deductible. What will his deductible be on this contents claim?$4,000