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describe steps in endochondral ossification

endochondral ossification

bones replaces existing cartilage

unborn child

bones such as humerus and femur are completely made of hyaline cartilage

cartilage model

forms shape of bone--long bone

cartilage model

formed by chondroblasts

cartilage model

perichondrium forms around model

growth of cartilage model

chondroblasts get buried in matrix and develop into chondrocytes

growth of cartilage model

chondrocytes repoduce and continue secreting cartilage

growth of cartilage model

center of model begins to clacify- causes chain reaction to cell death because nutrients can't travel through calcified areas

primary ossification center

ossification starts from the external surface--invades the middle of the bone

primary ossification center

artery penetrates the perichondrium- causes osteogenic cells to differentiate into osteoblasts

primary ossification center

osteoblasts begin to secrete compact bone tissue

primary ossification center

more blood vessels invade the inner portion of calcified cartilage

primary ossification center

stimulate formation of the primary ossification center--bone tissue replaces cartilage

medullary cavity

primary ossification center expands toward the ends of the bone

medullary cavity

osteoclasts break down existing bone in the middle to form the cavity

secondary ossification center

blood vessels invade the ends of the bones

secondary ossification centers

process is the same as primary centers, but no medullary cavity formed

formation of articular cartilage and epiphyseal plate

cartilage on the epiphyseal remains and is the articular cartilage

formation of articular cartilage and epiphseal plate

cartilage between epiphysis and diaphysis remains as the epiphyseal plate (growth plate)

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