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  1. Superior vs. Inferior
    Anterior vs. Posterior
    Medial vs. Lateral
  2. Superior (Cephalic) is closer to the head, while Inferior (Caudal) is closer to the tail. Higher vs. Lower. The chin is inferior to the nose while the eyes are superior to the nose.
  3. Upper Body
  4. If you made a line down the middle of the body a Coronal view would show both the front (Anterior) and back (Posterior) perspective of the body.
  5. Anterior (Ventral/Rostral) is the front of the body while Posterior (Dorsal) is the back of the body. The spine is a posterior structure while the breast bone is an anterior structure.

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  1. Define Extremeties.Legs and Arms


  2. List the 3 Anatomical Planes of the Body.Coronal, Sagittal, and Transverse


  3. Define MidSagittal.If you made a line straight down the middle of the body a Midsagittal view would show both the right and left perspective of the body.


  4. Define Transverse.Upper Body


  5. Define Abdomen.Stomach Region