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The Early American Party, instead of parties each represented a socioeconomic group

Ideals of Roman Empire

Courage, moral discipline. They were ideals that were thought of by the Framers as good ideals. The Roman Emperors were thought to have these

Articles of Confederation

Several Articles that acted as our early Constitution. However, there were a few problems: states didn't have to pay taxes, other countries took advantage of this weakness and the Congress couldn't resolve internal issues

Northwest Ordinance

Governs the Northwest Territory, guarantees basic rights to settlers, outlawed slavery and set future boundaries

Shay's Rebellion

A rebellion led by Daniel Shays, a revolutionary colonel. This was started because of economic problems started by the Articles of Confederation

Constitutional Convention

A convention to revise the Articles of Confederation.

Virginia Plan

Three houses: executive: carry out laws, legislature: make laws (2 houses, both population) and judicial: enforce laws

New Jersey Plan

Three houses: executive: carry out laws, legislature: make laws (1 house, equal representation) and judicial: enforce laws

Great Compromise

Compromised both the Virgina and New Jersey Plan, two houses, one population the other equal representation

Three-Fifths Compromise

Compromise that made every slave 3/5ths of a person

slave trade

trading humans to use as workers

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