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The Woman With The Hat
Period: Fauvism
ID: Painterly, varied/contrasting colors
Artist: Henri Matisse
Patron: None
Name/Date: The Woman with the Hat - 1910 CE
Location: Paris
Medium: Oil
Function: Put art in an exhibition
Context: Art critics called the painters who created these works "Fauves" which means wild beasts.
Street, Berlin
Period: Die Bruke
ID: Elongated figures, emotional, primitive
Artist: Ernst Ludwig
Patron: None
Name/Date: Street, Berlin - 1910 CE
Location: Germany
Medium: Oil
Function: Aesthetics
Context: The Die Bruke movements was akin to the Fauve movement, both sought to evoke emotion from the viewer.
Improvisation 28
Period: Der Blaue Reider
ID: Abstract, geometric shapes, basic
Artist: Vassily Kandinsky
Patron: None
Name/Date: Improvisation 28 - 1910 CE
Location: Munich
Medium: Oil
Function: Exhibition art
Context: The Der Blaue Reider movement focused on expressing spiritual truths through their work
Les Desmoiselles D'Aviginon

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