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  1. On nettoie
  2. bronzer
  3. aller+infinitive
  4. Je vais aider mes parents
  5. Je vais prendre un bain de soleil
  1. a to tan
  2. b I'm going to help my parents
  3. c to go do something (future)
  4. d "we" clean (one cleans)
  5. e I'm going to take a sunbath

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  1. to go shopping
  2. they clean
  3. to put away ones things
  4. you (formal, pl.) clean
  5. to put away my things

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  1. je nettoieI clean


  2. aller dans les magasinsto put away ones things


  3. faire des coursesto go shopping


  4. Je vais nagerI'm going


  5. Je vaisI'm going to swim