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  1. je nettoie
  2. ranger
  3. laver la voiture
  4. Je vais
  5. ranger ses affaires
  1. a I'm going
  2. b I clean
  3. c to put away ones things
  4. d to pick up or put away
  5. e to wash the car

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  1. I'm going to stay at home
  2. to meet friends
  3. to attend
  4. you (formal, pl.) clean
  5. you clean (fam.)

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  1. Je vais prendre un bain de soleilI'm going to stay at home


  2. bronzerto pick up or put away


  3. Je vais travaillerI'm going to swim


  4. aller+infinitiveto go do something (future)


  5. nettoyer le garageto clean the garage