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Religion-Liturgical Year

5 Liturgical Seasons in order (include both ordinary times)
Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time
St. Athanasius' facts
May 2, Easter Week 2, Memorial
St. Albert the Great's facts
November 15, Ordinary Time Week 33, Optional Memorial
St. Juan Diego's facts
December 9, Advent Week 2, Optional Memorial
St. Katharine Drexel's facts
March 3, Ordinary Time Week 8, Optional Memorial (US)
St. Irenaeus' facts
June 28, Ordinary Time Week 13, Memorial
St. Agnes' facts
January 21, Ordinary Time Week 2, Memorial
Why does the Church begin with Advent?
We need Christ to be born before we hear his words.
What is the purpose of Advent?
We wait for the coming of Christ
What is emphasized on each Sunday of Advent
1st-Second Coming, 2nd-Waiting, 3rd-JOY, 4th-Isiah's Prophesy
What Date does Christmas occur each year
December 25 Week 3
What Pagan feast did Christmas Replace
The Feast of the Sun God
How is Mary a shining example of how we should live our lives durring Christmas and every day of our lives
She said yes to God even though she could have said no so we should say yes to God
What date is the Epiphany traditionally celebrated? What group of men meet Jesus on that day
January 6th, The Magi
What was the first thing to be celebrated by the early Christians, on which day?
Easter, on Sunday
With what does Lent begin
Ash Wednesday
How Many weeks of Lent are there
6 weeks
On what day do we celebrate the Washing of The Feet
Holy Thursday
On what day did Christ die
Good Friday
On what day do we mourn of Christ's death
Holy Saturday
What Happens on Ascension Thursday
Christ Ascends into Heaven and sits at the Right Hand of his Father
What and to whom is released on Pentecost
The Holy Spirit is released to the Apostles
How Many Sundays are there In Ordinary Time. What is the 1st and what is the Last
34 Sundays, 1st-Baptism of The Lord And the last is the Feast of Christ the King
How is Ordinary Time broken up
Weeks 1-9: End of Christmas to Ash Wednesday
Weeks10-34: End of Easter to Beggining of Advent