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There is ___________ of true mallows
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Pea family scientific name:FabaceaeFabaceae family characteristics-irregular flower, asymmetrical, banner petal, two winged petals and then a keelLily family scientific name:LiliaceaeLiliaceae family characteristics-appears to be 6 petals but is actually three sepals and three petals that are identical in size and color.Grass family scientific name:PoaceaePoaceae family characteristics-do not look like flowers but contain stamens, pistils and seeds enclosed in an ovary. They are wind pollinated. Has knees or nodes in flower stems.Rose family scientific name:RosaceaeRosaceae family characteristics-five petals, with lots of stamens in them. Vegetation to a varying degree, that has tannins that tighten up tissuesAster family scientific name:AstereaeAstereae family characteristics-five petals, composite flower that is a composite of many small flowers working together to make a big flower. Pitted disc where all the little flowers are plantedMonocotyledon characteristicssimple branching structure,parallel veins in leaves, excepts some small ones have net veined leaves, flowers in multiples of threecotyle meansseeddon meansleafMonocot examplescorn, wheat, chivesDicotyledon:complicated branching structure, two seed leaf, net veined leaves , some that have parallel veins, have flower parts in multiples of four and fivenet veined leaves are veins thatbranch out within the leafDicot examples:beans, tomato