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  1. R
  2. o
  3. calcium
  4. Diffusion
  5. f
  1. a Consolidated Rock
  2. b movement of nutrients from high to low concentration
  3. c occurs in highly weathered tropical soils, with residual accumulation of sesquioxides
  4. d Ca2+, Cell wall component, pectate
  5. e Frozen soil

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  1. the downward movement of clay and humus in suspension or solution from a layer or layers of soil
  2. organic horizon in various stages of decomposition >20% organic
  3. Tephra, Loess, Aeolian
  4. H2PO4-, HPO42-, Nucleic acids, ATP, ADP
  5. Moved by a Lake

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  1. magnesiumK+, catalyst, ion transport


  2. kNa+ accumulation, B or C in arid soils


  3. soil profilea vertical section of soil through all of its horizons and extending into parent material


  4. atexture change: clay accumulation in the B horizon


  5. ColluviumMoved by gravity


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