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  1. y
  2. edaphology
  3. O
  4. h
  5. j
  1. a gypsum, B or C arid areas
  2. b the study of soils as media for plant growth
  3. c Humus, only B
  4. d jarosite, a pale yellow mineral
  5. e organic horizon in various stages of decomposition >20% organic

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  1. the status of soil with respect to the amount and availability to plants of elements to the growth of plants
  2. accumulation of soluble salts, B or C arid soils
  3. mg2+, central part of chlorophyll
  4. Marine
  5. Consolidated Rock

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  1. iaccumulation of soluble salts, B or C arid soils


  2. mNa+ accumulation, B or C in arid soils


  3. Hydrationthe downward movement of clay and humus in suspension or solution from a layer or layers of soil


  4. ahighly decomposed, only with O Horizon


  5. Diffusiongain of electrons