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  1. pedology
  2. i
  3. t
  4. o
  5. A
  1. a Top Mineral layer where organic matter accumulates 0-20% organic matter
  2. b the study of soils as natural entities
  3. c occurs in highly weathered tropical soils, with residual accumulation of sesquioxides
  4. d texture change: clay accumulation in the B horizon
  5. e slightly decomposed only with O

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  1. accumulation of soluble salts, B or C arid soils
  2. K+, catalyst, ion transport
  3. Moved by gravity
  4. O2, H2O, CO2 carbohydrates
  5. SO42-, amino acids

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  1. silluvial accumulation of sequioxides


  2. paleosolsmallest volume we call a soil


  3. Coenzymemetal ion that fits in a particular location of an enzyme to complete a metabolic or reproductive process


  4. eplowed, A


  5. OceanMarine