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  1. paleosol
  2. Hydrolysis
  3. i
  4. Potassium
  5. In Place (non-transported)
  1. a Residual
  2. b splitting of the H2O molecule
  3. c K+, catalyst, ion transport
  4. d A soil formed on a landscape in the past with distinctive morphological features resulting from a soil-forming environment that no longer exists at the site
  5. e slightly decomposed only with O

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  1. addition of H2O molecule
  2. Weathered bedrock, C
  3. Top Mineral layer where organic matter accumulates 0-20% organic matter
  4. Gleying: Bluish color, very wet B and C horizons
  5. movement of nutrients with the total solution

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  1. ygypsum, B or C arid areas


  2. bburied layer


  3. soil profilea three-dimensional vertical soil prism


  4. eIntermediately decomposed only with O


  5. Lacustrinegain of electrons