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  1. c
  2. humus
  3. paleosol
  4. illuviation
  5. Coenzyme
  1. a the accumulation of clay and humus in a particular horizon
  2. b mostly stable fraction of soil organic matter remaining after the major portion of plant and animal residues have decomposed
  3. c concretions: dense mass of secondary minerals in a horizon; B or C
  4. d metal ion that fits in a particular location of an enzyme to complete a metabolic or reproductive process
  5. e A soil formed on a landscape in the past with distinctive morphological features resulting from a soil-forming environment that no longer exists at the site

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  1. Moved by a Lake
  2. jarosite, a pale yellow mineral
  3. mg2+, central part of chlorophyll
  4. quartz accumulation. B or C
  5. highly decomposed, only with O Horizon

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  1. toccurs in highly weathered tropical soils, with residual accumulation of sesquioxides


  2. hGleying: Bluish color, very wet B and C horizons


  3. Alluvium, Outwashthe accumulation of clay and humus in a particular horizon


  4. Root interceptiona combination of all management and land-use methods that safeguard the soil against deterioration by natural or man-induced factors


  5. CHumus, only B