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  1. b
  2. oxidation
  3. Diffusion
  4. Nitrogen
  5. soil tessera
  1. a NO3-, NH4+, Proteins, amino acids
  2. b loss of electrons
  3. c a three-dimensional vertical soil prism
  4. d buried layer
  5. e movement of nutrients from high to low concentration

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  1. slightly decomposed only with O
  2. Consolidated Rock
  3. Top Mineral layer where organic matter accumulates 0-20% organic matter
  4. reaction with CO2 or H2CO3
  5. the capacity of a soil for producing a specified plant under a specified system of management.

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  1. rorganic horizon in various stages of decomposition >20% organic


  2. OxygenMarine


  3. hGleying: Bluish color, very wet B and C horizons


  4. illuviationthe accumulation of clay and humus in a particular horizon


  5. SulfurSO42-, amino acids


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