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  1. k
  2. soil tessera
  3. m
  4. Diffusion
  5. Mass Flow (convection)
  1. a movement of nutrients with the total solution
  2. b cementation C horizon
  3. c a three-dimensional vertical soil prism
  4. d Calcium Carbonate accumulation, B or C
  5. e movement of nutrients from high to low concentration

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  1. the downward movement of clay and humus in suspension or solution from a layer or layers of soil
  2. metal ion that fits in a particular location of an enzyme to complete a metabolic or reproductive process
  3. the study of soils as natural entities
  4. Intermediately decomposed only with O
  5. Moved by a Lake

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  1. ColluviumCa2+, Cell wall component, pectate


  2. oxidationloss of electrons


  3. thighly decomposed, only with O Horizon


  4. OceanMarine


  5. OxygenMarine