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a chain of mountainous islands


Mountain ranges that run side by side like the ones in mainland SE Asia


a fine yellowish brown soil that blows in from deserts in western China




A valuable mineral used to make lightbulbs and rockets; it is found in the Philippines and China


A high quality wood resource especially common to Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand.

Bamboo Scaffolding

a grass with a woody stem that is strong enough to be used as temporary support platforms for construction work.

What is the Yangtze and what are it's "physical characteristics?"

called the "Chang Jiang," it is the longest river in Asia (3rd longest in the world). It is about 3,400 miles long.

Literacy Rate of China

90.9% can read and write their own language

Population of China

1,330,044,544 (1/3 of the world's population) - 353 people/square mile (one of the most densely populated areas of the world)

Life Expectancy of China


Gross Domestic Product

$5600/year (total value of goods and services produced)

Where and what is the Gobi? How big is it?

the largest desert covering southern Mongolia and northern China - 500,000 sq.miles

the "one child" policy

a policy created in 1979 by the Chinese government to control overpopulation

4 classes of Chinese people represented by 4 yellow stars on the Chinese Flag

The peasants, the workers, the petite bourgeoisie and the patriotic capitalists

How much bigger would China's population be if it wasn't for the "one child policy?"

approximately 300 million more people

What does the Red of the China flag symbolize

The Earth, the clothing in the Middle Ages, the Elite - the power of life and death

How much of China's population lives in cities


According to "China Daily" what is the annual increase in population?

17 million/year

Name a disadvantage of the "one child" policy

There is a higher ratio of boys to girls

Name an advantage of the "one child" policy

It is reducing overpopulation

Why do some families prefer to have boys?

They believe boys can provide for their families and care for their parents better in old age.

How many TV sets are there per 1,000 people in China


What are some of the characteristics of the Gobi?

very dry, little rain, little vegetation, not suitable for farming, not arable, prime area for finding dinosaur fossils

What does Gobi mean?

"place without water"

What does Yangtze mean?

"long river"

Explain the "location and region" of the Yangtze River

It starts at approximately the absolute location 40N latitude and 80E longitude from Tibet across China to the East China Sea. As it flows, it goes through gorges and broad plain "regions" until it empties into port city Shanghai, which is at 121E longitude and 30N latitude

What is the "movement" of the Yangtze River?

The water provides transport of goods shipped on China's waterways and the ships touch the water.

Describe China's Flag

Red with 5 yellow Stars - one big, 4 arced around it in the upper left corner.

What type of government does China practice?


How many TV sets are there per 1,000 people in USA


How much of China's population lives in rural areas


3 examples of Archipelagos

Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines

What is the Yangtze River's "interaction" with its environment?

it provides water to large rice and grain farmers. Frequent flooding causes a great deal damage to nearby villages and its people.

Three Gorges Dam

A dam being built over the Yangtze river, 607' high by 1.4 miles wide, which will be completed in 2009. It will be the world's biggest dam.

What are some of the disadvantages of the Three Gorges Dam

1. It will force 1-2 million people to flee. 2. Hundred of historical sites will be submerged. 3. It will cost approximately $75,000,000,000!

Bamboo Scaffolding: SIGNIFICANCE?

This is how they use regional resources for their benefit

Archipelago: SIGNIFICANCE?

These are the effect of the movement of the tectonic plates first forming volcanoes and then resulting in the Archipelagos.

Cordilleras: SIGNIFICANCE?

Fertile river plains and deltas separate the ranges providing fertile lowlands which are home to the SE Asians.


It's yellow color gives the Huang He (Yellow River) its name. And when this substance is mixed with water it makes a major wheat growing area.


It is valuable to this region and used to make buildings and ships because it is strong and durable.


When combined with Iron, it is heat resistant.


It carries most of the goods shipped on China's waterways and it provides water to large rice and grain farming areas

Three Gorges Dam: SIGNIFICANCE?

1. It will supply a lot of hydrorelectric power 2. It will prevent floods 3. It will allow ships to go further 4. 10% of China's power will come from it.

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