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Start IVs
what is not a phlebotomist's duty?
verbal skill, non-verbal,listening
effective communication must inclued
informed consent
patients must be informed of intended treatments and risks before they are performed.
provides a unique tracking number
The purpose of a requistion number(accession) on a lab slip
report the incident immediately to your supervisor
what should you do if you draw blood on the wrong patient
health care providers should be vaccinated for this BBP
Prothrombin times
The coagulation department tests for samples for:
A Prothrombin time (PT) is performed in the --------department
A urine C&S is performed in the ______department.
Prothrombin Time
A CBC contains all the following except: Leukocytes, erythrocytes, Hgb and Hct, prothrombin time.
Blood in the urine is called
Protein in the urine is called
A CBC is performed in the ______department in a lavender tube.
wear your laboratory coat at all times
is not a proper laboratory safety procedure.
mixing bleach with other cleaners
Is an unacceptable chemical safety procedure
Decontaminate the site and fill out an incident report
1st thing a phlebotomist should do in the event of an accidental needle stick.
individuals with allergies may have an elevation in this type of leukocytes.
The type of white blood cells that eats and engulfs (phagatosis)
120 days
Lifespan of an erythrocytes is?
get a feathered edge
When performing a blood smear the goal is to?
infection is prevented
When the chain of infection is broken
an organism capable of causing disease
a pathogen is?
turn the faucet off with the towel used to dry your hands.
Not a proper hand washing procdure.
Hand Washing
Best means of breaking the chain of infection.
The normal blood volume for an adult is approximately?
The normal amount of formed elements in whole blood is?
heart and veins
These vessels have valves to prevent backflow.
This vessel is microscopic and is where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place.
This procedure wont hurt
inapropriate statement to make to a patient.
keeping the patients arm in a downward position
venous reflux is prevented by?
make a patients veins more visable
The purpose of applying a tourniquet when performing venipuncture is?
leaving the tourniquet on for at least 2 minutes
Not a correct technique for apply tourniquet.
reasons for leaving hands for venipunture as last resort.
tendency to roll, difficult to stick, uncomfortable, collapsing.
tourniquet applied to tightly
uncomfortable, inaccurate results,arterial blood obstruction, venous flow obstructed.
median cubital vein
anticubital vein considered best for venipuncture
Cephalc vein
easiest vein to find in obese patients
hemolysis and excess tissue fluid
milking a finger for dermal punture leads to erroneous test due to this
using the thumb to palpate the vein
wrong technique when selecting a vein.
plasma, buffy coat, and blood cells
upon standing, a blood specimen to which and anitcoagulant has been added serperates into.
from clotted blood that has been centrifuged
how is serum obtained.
using a red-stoppered tube
how is whole blood obtained.
Placing a contaminated needle in a biohazard bag
violation of OSHA standard
20-22 gauge
gauged needles routinely used for venipunture
Amount of specimen required for test
The size of evacuated tube you choose to obtain a venous blood specimen depends upon the
an evacuated glass tube with a lavender stopper contains
what color stopper tube is uesed to collect a blood speciment for a complete blood count
An evacuated tube with a red stopper contains
light blue
what color stopper tube is used to collect a blood speciment for a prothrombin time test.
EDTA or Heprin
lead levels require collection in a tube with this aditive
what color stopper tube is used to collect a blood specimen for most blood chemistries
what stopper tube is used to collect an erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
what color stopper tube is used to collect glucose specimens?
This test involves fasting specimens then blood and urine specimens at specific times.
The tube may not have a vaccum
What may occur if an outdated evacuated tube is used to collect the blood specien?
Shaking a tube containing an anitcoagulant after drawing it.
ERROR in technique when working with evacuated tubes.
The needle may enter the skin above the vein and not puncture it.
What may occur if an angle of less than 15 degrees is used to perform a venipuncture?
Bleeding will occur around the puncture site.
What may occur if the needle is removed from the arm, before removing the tourniquet?
moving the needle after in has been inserted into the vein.
results in discomfort during venipuncture procedure.
The blood specimen must be transferred from the syringe to an evacuation tube.
disadvantage of using the syringe method of venipunture.
These should not be used for a venipuncture site
scarred skin, bruised skin,burned skin, painful area for patient.
stiff and hard
upon palpation, a scarred vein feels?
Applying pressure below the vein with your nondominant fingers.
technique used to prevent a vein from rolling.
small veins
which veins are most likely to collapse when performing a venipuncture?
Use a butterfly needle
If you suspect that a vein will collapes you should.
repeated venipuncture in the same vein may result in this complication.
The most common complication of venipunture.
infectious microorganism
blood cultures are performed to detect_________in blood.
Immediately remove the tourniquet and needle.
During the venipuncture procedure, a sudden swelling occurs in the area around the puncture site.
newborn heel stick
A PKU test is performed.
Using to small guage needle to collect the specimen.
May result in hemolysis of the blood specimen.
Inaccurate test results
Hemolysis of a blood specimen results in?
Blood vessel constriction
As a response to injury, the initial vascular reaction is?
Remove the needle and protect the patient from injury.
a patient becomes dizzy and is about to faint.
Glucose, hormones, sodium, antibodies.
The following is found in the serum of blood.
infection contacted in the hospital or other healthcare setting.
A nosocomial infection can be described as?
10 ml red stopper tube
electrolyte profile on patient. the lab directory indicates this test requires 4ml of serum. what tube should be used?
Gently rotate the tube 8-10 times
After drawing a blood specimen for an electrolyte profile, the next step is?
30-60 minutes
blood drawn in a red-stopper tube should be allowed to sit for this period of time prior to centifuge.
interfere with adequate serum collection
If a fibrin clot forms in the serum layer of a blood specien,it will?
a be patient with sever allergies. The most likely leukocyte to be elevated would be?
The function of neutrophils leukocytes is?
Ask her to discuss the results with her daughter
A teenagers mother asks you for the result of her daughter's pregnacy test.
Repeated venipuncture over and over in the same ein can cause?
lateral part of the tip of the third finger.
site should be used to make a skin puncture on an adult.
inflammation and infection of the bone
what may occur if a finder puncture is made deeper than 3.1 mm?
using the first drop of blood for the test
error in technique when obtaining a capillary blood specimen
In the other arm
If the patient has an IV line in their arm, blood should be drawn?
Diluting the blood sample with tissue fluid
When performing a capillary puncture, the finger should not be squeeze to avoid?
Lateral plantar surface
The correct area to use on an infant's heel stick is?
30-60 minutes
The length of time it takes blood to clot in a red stop tube prior to centrifuge.
strep screen
This test cannot be preformed with capillary blood.
which test must be done first
hard cord like veins are called
the vaccum of a tube decreases with
2.0 mm
The recommended depth of an infant's heel stick should be less than?
Individuals donating blood must have this test performed prior to donation.
milky looking serum
lipemic blood is described as?
winged infusion set
another name for accumulation of interstitial fluid.
Erythrocytes are called?
Leukocytes are called?
Thrombocytes are called
Patients on anitcoagulants will have an increased_____time.
liquid portion of unclotted blood
2 hours after eating
the term postprandial means
tube used for stat chemistries
what color tube is used for serum specimens
royal blue
If a tan tube top is not available,what color tube can be used?
most common complication from phlebotomy is?
The most common BBP in the lab setting
which vein is usually palpable in obese patients
Point of care testing (POCT) is performed where?
sodium floride, potassium oxolate
The name of the preservative to maintain glucose stability and prevent glycolysis is?
Quantitiy not suffiecient
How many times do you invert a tube with anticoagulant
improper site cleaning
The most common cause of a blood culture contamination.
Air-borne infection
small particals that carry pathogens
droplet method of infection
sneeze, cough, flu, mumps
blood-borne infection
transmission thru blood. HIV
Nonsocomial infection
direct or indirect contact with contaminated item. Usually in hospital
vector-borne infection
insect, tick, misquito
indirect/formite infection
picking up or touching contaminated iteam