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A government contract to pay a manufacturer the cost to produce an item plus a guarantee percentage.


To deprive the right to vote.


The outer boundary of something.

Convoy System

A group that travels with something, such as a ship to protect it.


A new industrial region in southern California and the Deep South Developing during World War ll.

Zoot Suit

Men's clothing of extreme cut typically consisting of a thigh-length jacket with wide padded shoulders and peg pants with narrow cuffs.

Victory Suit

A men's suit with no vest, no cuffs, a short jacket, and narrow laples worn during World War ll in order to save fabric for the war effort.


Limiting the purchase of.

Victory Garden

Gardens planted by American citizens during war to raise vegetable for home use, leaving more for the troops.


An amphibious tractor used to move troops from ship to shore.


During World War ll, a Japanese suicide pilot whose mission was to crash into his target.


Row of shrubs or trees surrounding a field often on a dirt wall.


A jellied gasoline used for bombs.


A constitution.

Rosie the Riveter

Was a symbol in the campaign to hire women worker in factories during the war

V-J Day

The day the Japanese ordered its government to surrender

Manhattan Project

The secret American project to build an atomic bomb


During WWII the army enlisted women for the 1st time but they were barred from this


The Bataan Death march occurred here

George Pattan

Liberated the allied forces at the Battle of the Bulge

Chester Nimitz

Commander of the U.S navy in the Pacific

Douglas MacArthur

Announced to the people of the Philippines, "I have returned."

Dwight Eisenhower

Commanded the invasion of Sicily


Japanese suicide pilots

V-E Day

Name given of the day after the unconditional surrender of Germany


Name given for the invasion of Nazi occupied France by the allied forces


The 5 brothers that were killed on the USS Juneau

Battle of Midway

The turning point in the war that stopped the Japanese advance in the Pacific

Tuskege Airmen

African-American unit, the 99th pursuit squadron, that played an important part in the battle of Anizio

Bataan Death March

78,000 prisoners of the war were forced to walk 65 miles to a Japanese prison camp

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