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Func Neuro Chapter 1

part of brain between cerebrum and spinal cord
longitudinal fissure
separate cerebral hemispheres
in-between the cerebral hemispheres and the brain stem
Law of Dynamic Polarization
idea proposed by Cajal in 1891 that neurons had a functional and morphological polarization
-Amazing given that synapses wouldn't be shown until 1953, 1954 and differences in organelle distribution would be even later than that
-Concept started the path of tracing connections between cells
Dendrites (and spines)
collect information, receive information from other neurons
cell body
integrate information
contains nucleus
supports metabolic syntheses of the cell
found in the gray matter
conduct information
axon terminal
transmit information
located in gray matter
heavily packed with vesicles, which contain neurotransmitter
dendritic spines
small protuberance for synaptic contacts, morphological substrate of learning
regions of gray matter where cell bodies are functionally related
white matter
areas of the CNS dominated by axons
appears white because axon myelin sheath, primarily lipid, appears white
gray matter
areas of the CNS dominated by cell bodies and dendrites
a collection of axons traveling from one region to another
mylinate axons
mostly in white matter, but also grey matter
support system:elaborate cytoskeletal network
monitor: regulate extracellular environment
ependymal cells
line the ventricles
produce CSF
garbage clean up
regulate extracellular enviroment