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How might small farmers of the agricultural revolution be compared to the working class of the Industrial Revolution?

Both had long working hours. Jobless lived in climates were society being restricted area

The process of enclosure tends to increase what?

Farming efficancy

How did crop rotation yield crop yields

Increase soil nutrients

Which industry was the first area to undergo major industrialization?

textile industry

What is an entrepernuer?

business person

What did not improve as a result of the Industrial Revolution?

enviormental concern

Weath of Nations?

Adam Smith

Govt policies should promote what?

The greatest-good for the greatest number of people

Nineteenth century socialists argued that govt should have what role?

Goverment should have all control over economy

Karl Marx is associated with what?


19th century collective bargaining was carried out between what?

workers and employers

What did not increase because of the Industrial Revolution?

life expectancy

by late 1700 whats the best place to find a spinning mule and was in

a factory

results of the agricultural revolution in britain except

food prices decreased population went up and farm size increases

what was the association called


how did the impact of worldwide industrialization effect the relationships between industrialized nations and non industrializatized nations?

It increased imperalism

A strike was an illegal action taken against who?

The employers by union workers

Landowners and aristocrats view wealthy members of the middle class

They look down upon them

What was the benefit of being a stockholder in a corporation?

child labor laws and couldn't hire children under 9

Legislative reforms in the 1800?

Free market economy governed by natural laws or govt

How did lassiez faire economics influence early industrialists?

Britain created a blockade not allowing international trade. Forces U.S to industrialize

how did the war of 1812 help the US industrialize?


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